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A Thundercats pinball machine makes a brief cameo in the OVA "Megazone 23".

Steve Bennett was one of the animators on Thundercats along with Silverhawks.

The first season was actually completed in 1983, but was not publicly shown until two years later.

When shown on BBC television all scenes showing Panthero using his nunchakus were cut. The BBFC also cut the nunchakus from the video releases. The DVD releases are uncut.

Unlike the rest of the Thundercats, Jaga has brown eyes, while the other seven Thundercats have orange eyes.

Jaga's death scene resembles that of both Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars movies. In all cases the body vanishes when they die, leaving only their clothes behind. Later, they appear as a spirit to the hero as the need arose.

The two Unicorn Guardians' names were never revealed.

Jaga told Lion-O that the Sword of Omens could only be reforged in one way, in star fire which could be found in a nearby volcano where a dwarf star once fell. However, later in the show Bengali was able to reforge the Sword of Omens using his hammer meaning that Jaga's way was not the only way.

Besides Snarf of the Thundercats, a total of 43 Snarfs escaped the destruction of planet Thundera.

Snarf's real name was Osbert.

Berbils appear to be similar to Ewoks in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Ewoks were also small teddy-bearlike creatures. In episode 3, Lion-O fell into a Berbil trap and he and Snarf were tied up by the Berbils. Luke Skywalker and his party fell into an Ewok trap and were tied up by the Ewoks.

Goof: In episode 5, In the night Pumm-Ra disables the Thundertank to the point that when Lion-O tries to start it, it does not work. However, the Mutants somehow replace broken parts and get it running to later attack Lion-O.

Goof: In episode 8, In some scenes Wilykat's hair had one fat stripe down the middle instead of two thin stripes

In episode 11, when Grune is banished from Thundera, he is encased in a what appears to be a glass case and sent into space. This is similar to how the three villains, in Superman II, were banished from Kryton, without the hula hoops.

Goof: In episode 11, when Cheetara comes out of her trance, Panthro sits her down in a chair. The Thunderkittens immediately run to her side, Wilykit on her right and Wilykat on her left. We then see Tygra talking and then a close-up of Cheetara with both twins on her left. We then see Panthro then Lion-O and when we return to seeing Cheetara, the twins are once again on opposite sides with Wilykit still standing on her right.

In episode 12: During the summoning ritual, Mumm-Ra pronounces the names Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu (both central figures of Howard Philip Lovecraft's works and of the mythos they spawned), as well as the names Anubis and Ankh-Amon - one an Egyptian god, and the other a Pharaoh. This is especially appropriate, since Ta-She and Mumm-Ra seem both to be inspired by Egyptian and pseudo-Egyptian mythology: Ra is yet another Egyptian god (Pharaohs - the usual stock of mummies - often had the names of gods within their own) and Ta-she's boat, as well as its crew, are obviously Egyptian in style.

Ro-Bear-Belle's voice previously was high-pitched, distinguishing her as female from the male Berbils. But in episode 12 her voice sounded deeper.

In episode 18, Hammerhand appeared as a dead spirit who took possession of the cloned body of Panthro. But he previously appeared in The Terror of Hammerhand as a living person and would later appear again as a living person in season 2.

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