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Beast Wars is the only Transformers title to win an Emmy Award for Best Animated Series.

The Japanese dub of Beast Wars was altered considerably to make it more comedic. This was done to appeal to the younger target demographic Transformers had in Japan, and to fit in with the general mood of the two Japanese exclusive Beast Wars shows.

Retitled Beasties in Canada due to concern over the word "Wars."

Beast Wars was a complete reinvention of the Transformers franchise after Hasbro failed with Transformers: Generation 2. The success of the animated series and toy line brought new life to the franchise, despite the never-ending debate between Generation 1 purists and Beast Wars fans.

Originally, Hasbro intended Primal to be a bat and Megatron was to be a crocodile/alligator instead of a gorilla and a tyrannosaurus Rex. This explains why Primal is the only Maximal in the series who can fly in his robot form and not his beast form; the jet pack was a leftover from the previous form.

Originally, the character Tigatron was supposed to be another character Wolfang. The personality traits were kept, but the character was changed per request of Hasbro.

Both Optimus Primal and Megatron were originally supposed to have the ability to transform into four forms, two beast (bat/gorilla for Optimus, crocodile/T-rex for Megatron) and two robot (robot/monster truck for Optimus, and robot/battle-base for Megatron). Due to the limitations of computer technology at the time, the idea was scrapped.

Several of the early figures in the Beast Wars toy line had a feature that fans dubbed "mutant heads", which were basically subsititute heads for the figures. These "mutant heads" can be seen on the early computer models for some of the characters, but adding this feature would have made the cost too prohibitive at the time, so they were not added. However, at least two of the characters - Waspinator and Tarantulas - still feature their "mutant heads" as the heads of their robot forms.

The "Golden Disk" that Megatron stole in the pilot is from one of the Voyager spacecraft, though we're never told which Voyager craft the disk is from.

The writers had originally intended Beast Wars to be a separate continuity from The Transformers, not the sequel as it eventually became.

The character of Rattrap was based on comedian Lou Costello, whose partner Bud Abbott was the inspiration for Rattrap's close friend Rhinox.

Megatron says "Yeesss." 166 times and "Nooo!" 54 times in the course of the show.

According to story editor Bob Forward, Dinobot is a descendant of Grimlock, one of the original Dinobots from The Transformers.

It is never cleared what species the protohumans that appear in the series belong to. The scripts refer to them as Neanderthals, however they seem to be based more closely on much earlier hominids, like Australopithecus. Considering that the show takes place four million years ago, and that the protohumans just started learning how to use tools, this seems to be the most likely choice. Even so, during the course of two seasons, they seem to have already reached a far more evolved stage, casting doubt on their true belongings.

Originally Gary Chalk auditioned for the role of Megatron when he was approached for the show. While David Kaye, who ultimately played Megatron, auditioned for Optimus Primal, which went to Chalk. Ironically Chalk would play the original Decepticon Megatron in a season 2 episode of Beast Wars while Kaye later voiced Optimus Prime on Transformers Animated (2007).

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