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The character Maki is voiced by Natsuko Kuwatani, who also voiced Suiseiseki in "Rozen Maiden". Maki in her friendly mode and Suiseiseki end all their sentences with "desu".

"Romantic Summer", the anime Opening, was performed by SUN&LUNAR. Also, Lunar is the nickname of San's childhood friend, Luna. In fact, Luna is a singer and her voice actress, Sakura Nogawa, is a vocalist of SUN&LUNAR.

The band that sung the opening theme, SUN&LUNAR, represents San and Luna. The name transitions are very subtle changes. (San=SUN, Luna=LUNAR)

Episode 1: The title, "A Yakuza's Wife," is possibly a reference to Korean film "Jopog manura," aka "My Wife is a Gangster."

Maki in her unfriendly mode resembles Ryoko Asakura from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". Maki, Suiseiseki, and Ryoko Asakura were all voiced by Natsuko Kuwatani.

The basic premise of this show is an adolescent retelling of the 1984 comedy "Splash" starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Like Madison (played by Hannah) San's feet change when exposed to water and has an ultrasonic scream that can be used offensively.

Mikawa Kai (debut ep 09), itself, is also a parody of another anime character: Mendou Shuutaro from Urusei Yatsura (a famous Rumiko Takahashi's anime/manga). Both are rich, heir of a giant conglomerate, but while Mendou Shuutaro has claustrophobia (whenever he is in a narrow space - his line is "Kurai yo, Semai yo, Kowai yo" - meaning "it's dark, it's cramped, it's scary"), Mikawa Kai has the opposite phobia - acrophobia (he prefers places that are "kurakute, semakute ii yo")

In episode 2, around 6:56 mark, the man holding the rifle resembles Duke Tougo of 'Golgo 13'. Even his dialogue is the same with Golgo.

In episode 10, Luna’s father is clearly a reincarnation of Arnold’s Terminator famous roll. Some classic scenes can be seen thought the episode; from the fight in the bathroom (taken it from Terminator 3), the runaway in the school hallways (taken it from Terminator 2) to the final scene with the thump up saying good bye (taken it from Terminator 2)

In episode 10 (again) it's not ONLY the Terminator but also from 'Total Recall' (the scene where the statue mask opens up) while the toilet scene was from 'True Lies', could be from Terminator 3 as well though (two-for-one)

In episode 11 San's spear throwing sequence is very similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion where Rei throws the Spear of Longinus into space in order to destroy the 15th Angel Ariel.

in episode 14, the story San tells about why his father is afraid of cats is the same story of why Doraemon, a robotic cat from the anime, "Doraemon", except that Doraemon had his ears bitten by mice

In episode 15 around 17:30, Ren Seto performs an uppercut on her husband that appears strikingly similar to the "Shouryuuken," of Street Fighter fame. After Gouzaburou falls to the ground in defeat, Ren assumes Ryu's victory pose from the original Street Fighter.

In episode 16, Trunks and Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z and Rei and Asuka of Neon Genesis Evangelion appear as classmates of San and Nagasumi.

In episode 18 at around 6:23 you can see Goku from "Dragon Ball Z" wearing a red gi standing among a small crowd waiting for the bus.

In episode 19, around the 15:06 mark, Mawari is dressed like Saki Asamiya, the main character from Yo-Yo Girl Cop. She even has a yo-yo.

In episode 20 the "After School Love Hearts" is a parody of "Heart To Heart" (as well as other generic romance game simulators/anime/etc)

In Episode 20, there's a couple of "Uguu's" in there, in reference to Ayu from Kanon. There's further reference at 16:02 where Gouzaburou crushes a Taiyaki, Ayu's favorite food.

In episode 20, there is a sequence where the teacher is introduced along with the class number by the voices of the class. This is a spoof of the opening sequence of the very popular Fanta school commercials.

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