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The English version of One Piece (Produced by 4Kids Entertainment) was heavily edited. Episodes were merged, violence and language was toned down, and many of the attack names were changed.

The island fortress that the Strawhat Pirates lands beside in ep 195/196 is inspired by Alistair MacLeans "The Guns of Navarone" (book 1957, movie 1961)

In the English version of One Piece, it was edited so that Sanji is not smoking a cigarette. Instead he has a lollipop in his mouth.

The Three Admirals; Aokiji which translates to Blue pheasant, Akainu which translates to red dog, Kizaru which translates to yellow monkey. The pheasant , dog , and monkey are the animals that travel with Momotaro in his adventures. In japanesse folklore.

Winner of the "Best Theme Song Award" at the 5th Animation Kobe (2000) for Hiroshi Kitadani's "We Are!"

Some names of the series are derived from real pirates who were active in the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th century : Zoro's name "[b]Roronoa[/b]" is derived from the French pirate Jean-David Nau (ca 1635-1667), who is more famous under his pseudonym François l'Ollonais, [b]Blackbeard[/b] (Marshall D. Teach) is named after the real Blackbeard, Edward Teach, who was a notorious English pirate (ca 1660-1718), [b]Lafitte[/b], one of Blackbeard's men, is named after the French pirate Jean Lafitte (ca 1776– 1826 or 1854), Samuel Bellamy (ca 1689-1717) was the British pirate after who [b]Bellamy the Hyena[/b] was modeled, [b]Captain Morgan[/b] got his name from Henry Morgan (ca 1635-1688), a Welsh buccaneer, and [b]Batholomew Kuma[/b] is named after the Welsh pirate Bartholomew Roberts (1682-1722). Other (unconfirmed) characters are [b]Portgas D. Ace[/b] (after Portuguese pirate Bartolomeo Português), [b]Jesus Burgess[/b] (after Samuel Burgess), [b]Van Auger[/b] (after John Auger, died in 1718) and [b]Alvida[/b] (after Alvilda, a female pirate but later Queen of Denmark).

There is a coincidence in One Piece with Dragon Ball Z, the Gear 2 with the Kaio Ken, because the 2 techniques consist of increasing the power of fight, then rucci & Kaio-sama say that if they use the technique, it reduces their probability of life, at the same time when goku utilizes the kaio-ken expels vapor just like the gear 2. That shows a devout admiration of Eichiro Oda to Akira Toriyama

One Piece author Eichiro Oda stated that Luffy's personality and traits are heavilly influenced by Dragonball main character Son Goku, furthermore, Luffy's Gear Second which he used in his fight against Rucci was a complete duplicate of Goku's Kaioken, in both cases the skin turns reddish pink and emits vapor from the body, afterwards the strength and most notably the speed increases multiple times, and in both cases it's stated that the techniques cause tremendous stress on the body and could even shorten the user's life. This serves as something of an indicator as to how much Dragonball/Z continues to influence long running Shounen series to this day.

Nami was the first main character to appear on screen in the anime before Luffy's famous debut.

Episodes from 207 onwards have been broadcast in high-definition at 720p resolution, in addition to standard definition.

Along with Jamie McGonnigal, Sean Schemmel is one of the only two actors to voice characters in both the 4kids and FUNimation dubs of One Piece. In the 4kids version, he voiced Helmeppo, Hachi, Chabo, Carne, and Kurobi, while in the FUNimation version he has only done additional voices thus far.

The year that One Piece takes place in, according to Oda, is 1522. After the time skip it is the year 1524.

On March 4th, 2007, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Nico Robin's seiyu, briefly stepped down from her role for maternity leave and was replaced by Yuko Kobayashi for episodes 299-319. After which, Yamaguchi has since returned to voicing Robin. This also happened with Chopper's seiyu, Ikue Otani, who went on maternity leave the previous year and was filled in by Kazue Ikura for a period.

In episode 45, there are wanted posters of characters from Oda-san's one shot manga. Which are the following D.R. from "Monsters", Wild Joe from "Wanted!", and Spiel from "Romance Dawn Version 2".

In Episode 65, the names on the various tombstones of Cactus Rocks show names of individuals involved with One Piece, spelled backwards. For instance, you can catch ''Mr. Ekusonhok Adu'', which is ''Uda Kohnosuke'' or ''Uda Kounosuke'', the chief director of the series.

There is a subtle reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in episode 411. Just as Elder Nyon is falling from Boa Hancock's tower, one of the Kuja somewhat resembles Yoko, from the hairstyle, to the design of her bra, both look largely similar.

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