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The vehicle shown at 11:16 (after Asuka has landed) is a ATF Dingo 2, a German heavily armoured military infantry mobility vehicle that has been in use since 2001 in the War in Afghanistan. (24/06/2010)

In the original series, after the boys eat the ice cream bars, Touji "wins". As the show progressed, we find out he "won" the chance to be a pilot. In the movie, he does not.

This film won first place in the animation category at the 2009 Lyon Asian Film Festival.

Tiffany Grant reprises her role as the English voice over for Asuka.

Asuka has a change to her name: it goes from Soryu to Shikinami (in Japanese means "Spreading Waves"). In this tetralogy, and it was said after the premiere of the film, the character of Asuka experiences significant changes in personality. In this film, she has no aversion to dolls. In fact she has a glove puppet that talks from time to time, using it to wish each other luck. She says to Shinji that is a reminder of his mother. She is now referred to as holding the rank of captain. She is also no longer infatuated with Kaji, choosing to ignore an invitation to go on a trip with him, until Misato forced her to go. In addition, she tested unit-3 instead of Touji, but she manages to survive the Bardiel incident, as she is seen with an eye patch in the preview image sequence at the very end of this movie.

The new Azuka's last name comes from the Japanese destroyer Shikinami, Yard number: Destroyer No. 46, Laid down: 6 July 1928, Launched: 22 June 1929, Commissioned: 24 December 1929, Struck: 10 October 1944 and sunk in action in 12 September 1944. The older last name "Soryu" came from the "Japanese aircraft carrier Soryu" one of the famous aircrafts Sunk by air attack at the battle of Midway in 4 June, 1942.

Misato now holds the rank of colonel in this film, instead of the rank of captain who ascends to the rank of major that she has in the television series.

The character, Makinami Illustrious Mari, is a secondary character entirely created for this film. she is not from the original manga or the TV series. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto designed her to look British, and added glasses as a 'simple yet effective way to set her apart from the other characters'and continuing the tradition of using names based on ships of the second world war, Makinami is the name of one of the destroyers of World War II Ayanami class. together with the Shikinami and Ayanami destroyers, who served in the Imperial Japanese Navy.Also Illustroius was a class destroyer ship used in World War II, serving in both the U.S. Navy and in the English navy.

In the many changes that the original plot had, the most dramatic changes are: In the anime, when the girls are in an elevator, Asuka slaps Rei for their passivity, while in this film, she tries to slap her and Rei stops the slap with her hand. In the series, Shinji only threatens to destroy the Geo-front, in the film, he does manage to meet this threat and he is seen destroying part of the Geo-front. Toji's younger sister is seen fully recovered in the film, but in the series, the fate of her is never know. In the film, Asuka is much more open with Shinji. For example, the scene of the series in which she lies beside him, she falls asleep and Shinji moves away, but the film she stays in bed and they counted each other's fears, with greater harmony between them that at other times. In the series, when the EVA-01 match against Zeruel, EVA-01 goes into Berserk mode alone, while in the film, Shinji does so at their own will. In the the series the EVA-01 also rebuilds the lost arm with a piece of Zeruel's ripped body, while in the film, the EVA 01 creates a sort of "condensed energy arm" which is also used as "cannon momentum" against Zeruel.

This change in the Azuka's last name seems to establish a link between surname initials of the three female pilots presented in the film: Ayanami,Shikinami and Makinami.

The June 2010 issue of Newtype ranked to Makinami Illustrious Mari #1 in its monthly top-10-character survey.

The release date was pushed back several times from the original announcement of January 2008: first, to a December 2008 release before an update on the official website on October 6, 2008 announced the official English title and a "early summer 2009" release date. A final postponement revealed that the film would be released on June 27, 2009.

The Japanese film poster is identical to the poster of the first film, but adds Asuka and Mari to the artwork.

Continuing with the tradition of using religious references, in this film is invoked the "Vatican Treaty" where Japan and all other nations are forbidden to possess more than three functioning Evangelions at a time. The Unit-01's dummy plug system is called Golgotha, which is a holy city.

Cassandra Hodges's first and only movie appearance.

This is a correction to the above concerning the "Illustrious" Entry. HMS Illustrious was an Aircraft Carrier Class in the Royal Navy In WWII. It wasn't a Destroyer class.

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