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Satelight the animation production company's name, and the title of this Macross series are both on the Departures list at the space port.

The ending theme of Macross Frontier in the Deculture version of Ep 1 is the same song that was used in the Macross Movie: Do You Remember Love?, which was used as the song that would end the war and save man kind. The song was used in the final space battle scene.

Mikhail and the rest of the friends were doing the preflight movemont which is the same when Isamu Dyson did his preflight movement in Macross Plus

Sheryl's surname, Nome, is the same as that of female leads Sara and Mao from Macross Zero.

The trash robot was pushing the cans into the ditch when Ranka was running under the bridge. It is similar to the trash robot pushed the can into the ditch in the beginning of the movie: Macross: Do You Remember Love?

The vehicle Ozma Lee was driving was 1993 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v Evoluzione II

Radio Macross is a radio program, based on Macross Frontier, which was first broadcast on Bunka Hōsō and MBS Radio from January 3, 2008[2]. It has featured Megumi Nakajima and Kenta Miyake, voice actors for the characters Ranka Lee and Bobby Margot, as hosts

A pre-broadcast airing, called Macross Frontier Deculture Edition or Macross Special Edition (マクロスSP版, Makurosu SP Ban?), showcasing a preview version of the first episode was aired on December 23, 2007.

Ranka Lee's character is similar to the TV version of Minmay Lynn. Both worked in a Chinese restaurant and wore similar red dresses. Both entered the Miss Macross contest and they both sang the same song during the competition, "My Boyfriend is a Pilot."

Sheryl Nome's character is similar to the movie version of Minmay Lynn. Both were wearing sun glasses and a hat after sneaking out from work.

Alto, Michael and Luca's ties on their school uniform are red, green and blue, respectively. These are the three primary colours in the additive color model.

The first few episodes of Macross F feature a moving robotic vending machine, first seen in the first episode of SDF Macross.

The title and plot for episode 10 ("The Legend of Zero") is a direct reference to the Macross prequel OAV Macross Zero.

The director for the "Macross Zero"-inspired movie in Ep. 10 bears a strong resemblance to series creator (and chief director of nearly all Macross anime, including Frontier) Shoji Kawamori. Both share similar facial features, such as a slender face and bushy eyebrows--sans the full beard of the animated character, and even identical hairstyles.

At the start of episode 1, a mecha is seen taking off from a pair of almost parallel runways apparently marked 10 and 20. By current standards the runways have been marked incorrectly since the numeric marking of a runway is supposed to be its approximate North heading divided by 10. So, there is no way that the two runways could have been designated 10 and 20 as this would imply a heading difference of around 100 degrees. However, as pointed out by another contributor, the runways are actually marked from the point of view of craft taking off rather than landing, and so are actually marked 01 and 02. Although open to various interpretations, it makes no sense to mark runways in this way as these markings are for the benefit of craft landing, and would hardly be visible to craft taking off.

Episode 17. Ozma almost died after asking a pineapple cake from Kate and then flying a mission in wich he was badly injured. Roy (from Macross Saga) died after asking for a pineapple salad from his fiance Claudia when he came back from a mission in wich he was badly injured.

The red VF fighter VF-27 is a reformated & upgraded version of the old WWIII SV-51 used in Macross Zero by Ivanov and Nora among the other AUN elite-pilots.

Episode 17 features insert songs from Macross 7's Fire Bomber. Namely, "My Soul For You" and "Try Again".

The Bird Human movie is based on the events of Macross Zero.

Episode 18, between 9:55 and 10:04, when Michael Blanc and Kuran Kuran are looking at an article from Cosmo Nature, there are two other tabs open on the screen (though only their titles are visible). One is title "Kawamori Official Blog" and the other - "Satelight_Home Page". The two are named after Shoji Kawamori (creator and chief director of Macross F, as well as nearly all other Macross series) and Satelight (the animation production company).

The premise for episode 10 ("The Legend of Zero"), about the creation of a movie based on previous events within the Macross universe, is not the first time this plot device has been used. The premise for the 'Macross 7' episode 'Minmay Video' (Episode 11) is about a Propaganda film being a dramitisation of the first Space War which brought Lynn Minmay to recognition, and also covered the story of the marriage of Max and Millia Jenius. (Their seventh daughter, Mylene Jenius, was cast in the role of Lynn Minmay, whilst Nekki Basara was cast as Hikaru Ichijo). And whilst it is not actually seen, some references in 'Macross 7' (character dialogue in the first episode, a poster in the Macross 7 Movie) also point to 'Macross: Do You Remember Love,' (The actual movie being a dramitisation of the TV series) being a very popular movie within the Macross Universe.

The 'Deculture!' exclamation that is heard in various forms in the Frontier series originated in the Do You Remember Love? movie.

The scene where Alto rescues Ranka on episode 2, "Hard Chase", mirrors that of Hikaru rescuing Minmay on episode 2, "Countdown", of the original series. The difference is that while Minmay is falling in the sky, Ranka is being sucked away from the city's atmospheric dome.

The Hydra that attacks Ranka and Alto on episode 10 is mentioned as being from planet Eden, which was the main setting of Macross Plus.

The Valkyrie displayed on the top of the high school building is a replica of the VF-1A flown by Hikaru in the Do You Remember Love? movie.

On episode 12, "Fastest Delivery", the Zentradi 33rd Regiment includes characters who strongly resemble those from the original series. Major Ogotai wears headgear similar to the one worn by Vrlitwhai (Britai) Kridanik. Temzin sports the same gray skin, purple hair and ruthless attitude of Quamzin (Kamujin) Kravshera.

Elmo Kridanik, Ranka's music promoter, shares the same last name with Zentradi fleet commander Vrlitwhai (Britai) Kridanik of the original series.

On episode 13, "Memory of Global", Alto and Ranka encounter the ruins of a Macross-class ship called Global, which was named after Bruno J. Global - captain of the original Macross.

The Formo shopping mall is named after Exsedol Formo, Vrlitwhai (Britai) Kridanik's adviser on the original TV series and movie.

The episode 25 preview played after episode 24 is a live-action video of a photo album with its pages being turned, displaying pictures of the series' characters. This is a direct homage to the ending sequence of the original TV series. In addition, a 1/72 Bandai model kit of the VF-25F Messiah is displayed next to the photo album.

Aside from Ranka and Sheryl sharing character traits of Minmay, some of Macross Frontier's characters have similar characteristics as those of past Macross titles. Ozma shares some leadership characteristics with Roy Focker and Macross 7's Ray Lovelock. Cathy is loosely patterned after Misa Hayase. Leo's sinister character is similar to that of Marj Gueldoa of Macross Plus. The Macross Quarter's Bridge Bunnies are, well, Bridge Bunnies.

The only Macross series in the main chronology (excluding games) to NOT have music feature in Macross Frontier in any form (original version or covered by a character) is Macross Plus.

Macross Frontier is the second edition to the Macross franchise to be animated by Satelight. The first being Macross Zero.

At about 16:19 in episode 1 the background text is about a popular real-life motocross racer named James Stewart Jr. It even states he got his first sponsor at age 7, which he did.

The runways at the top of the school building in episode 1 are designated 01 and 02. This would imply a heading difference of at most 10 degrees. In addition, current headings are rounded to the nearest tenth. This could mean 01 is actually 14 degrees and 02 is 15 degrees for a difference of only 1 degree. However since the school is in a ship coasting through space, North may not carry as much importance and the runways may just start their numbering with 01 and go up by 1 as needed.

In episode 2, Fire Bomber's Totsugeki Love Heart 「突撃ラブハート」 song from Macross 7 is playing in Ozma's car. The song is also listed in the credits for the episode.

In episode 6, "Bye, Bye Sheryl," the bow of the SMS Macross 25 ship resembles the Prometheus and Daedalus from the Macross TV series

Ozma Lee is clearly a fan of the band Firebomber (which featured in Macross 7). At least two of his squadron formations are named after thier songs, namely "Planet Dance," and "Totsugeki Love Heart." When Ozma plays the song "Try Again" when he gets injured in episode 17, Alto and the rest of the squadron hear it. Michael asks if it's a rock song, to which Alto replys that it's an oldies song. Their reaction is based on the fact that when most of the songs by Firebomber were first released, many of the younger characters would have only been toddlers at the time. (The Firebomber songs are over 13 years old by the time of Macross Frontier)

In episode 25, Alto saluted with his VF-25 before head off to kill Grace, that's exactly what Hikaru did with his VF-1S before head off to kill Golg Boddole Zer in Macross: Do You Remember Love?

In episode 25, Alto burned an opening, possibly with VF-25's laser, in Battle Galaxy's interior to rescue Ranka. Hikaru did just that with VF-1's laser in Macross's TV series to rescue Misa from U.N. Spacy base in Alaska

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