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Unlike most anime titles, Macross 7 does not have an original musical score. The series relies heavily on songs by Fire Bomber and other artists, as well as recycled BGM from Macross II and Macross Plus. "National Anthem of Macross" by Yoko Kanno and members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is played during the human/Zentraedi introduction sequence.

The series contains an extra 2-3 minute short, called P*L*U*S, every 4th episode (ep 4, 8, 12, ect), containing a short backstory on each character.

The actual band Fire Bomber is the group HUMMING BIRD, with band founder Yoshiki Fukuyama singing as Basara and Chie Kajiura added for the role of Mylene.

The series has not been released in the U.S. or any English-speaking country not only because of legal issues between Big West (the creators of the Macross franchise), Tatsunoko Productions (who handled the animation production of the original Macross series) and Harmony Gold (owners of the Robotech franchise and licensors of the original Macross series), but also because of licensing issues involving the music. According to Manga Entertainment representative Keith Burgess (at Anime Central 2004), it will take the combined might of all the North American licensors to be able to financially bring the series to the U.S.

The VA for the Protodevil "Sibiru" is apparently unknown. The credits list the voice of the character as a single question mark as such: シビル ?

Also regarding the music, it is not used in the same fashion as any other Macross series to date (excluding the Macross 7 Movie and OVA). Music in the other series have specific scores written and inserted into relevant scenes (Dramatic Dogfights, Romantic Scenes, Solumn events etc.) and are generally NOT coming from within the scene, except of course for any singing. However, when you hear any music during an episode, it is usually coming from a source within the scene such as a radio in the background, PA System or, of course, from anyone singing (this of course is not including Opening, Closing, Episode Previews, Episode Recaps, and Commercial Breaks). This use of music is also applied in Macross 7: The Galaxy Is Calling Me, and Macross Dynamite 7.

If you're wondering why Exedor looks the way he does in this series instead of his much more human appearance in the original SDF Macross series, it was taken from the Do You Remember Love movie.

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