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Kanji name: 新書館
Foundation date: 1961-06-14
Official website:
新書館 (Japanese)
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
100 Blossoms to Love (manga) : Publisher

70% of First Love is... (manga) : Publisher

Adekan (manga) : Publisher

Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou (manga) : Publisher

Alice the 101st (manga) : Publisher

Anata wa Itsumo Dareka no Koibito (manga) : Publisher

Antique Bakery (manga) : Publisher

Antique Bakery (TV) : Production

Aoi Tori yori (manga) : Publisher

Archalyra (manga) : Publisher

(The) Art of Loving (manga) : Publisher

Asian Beat (manga) : Publisher

Ayashinoyu Momoiro Bijin (manga) : Publisher

Baku (manga) : Publisher

Bancyo Otome (manga) : Publisher

Beyond My Touch (manga) : Publisher

Black Sun, Silver Moon (manga) : Publisher

A Bloody Kiss Tonight (manga) : Publisher

Boys Love (manga) : Publisher

Brandoll (manga) : Publisher

Brilliant Blue (manga) : Publisher

Café Kichijouji de (manga) : Publisher

Camera, Camera, Camera (manga) : Publisher

Candy Color Paradox (manga) : Publisher

Capricorn (manga) : Publisher

Carbuncle (manga) : Publisher

Change World (manga) : Publisher

Chō yo Hana yo Koi yo! (manga) : Publisher

Color (manga by Eiki Eiki) : Publisher

Cool/Uncool (manga) : Publisher

Crimson Cross (manga) : Publisher

Daini Button Kudasai (manga) : Publisher

Dakasete Kurenai ka? (manga) : Publisher

(The) Day of Revolution (manga) : Publisher

Dear Myself (manga) : Publisher

[Dear+] : Publisher

Demon Flowers: Kuruizaki no Hana (manga) : Publisher

(The) Demon Ororon (manga) : Publisher

(The) Devil Inside (manga by R. Fukiyama) : Publisher

(The) Devil Within (manga) : Publisher

Diamond Century (manga) : Publisher

DoS-sama no Iutoori! (manga) : Publisher

Double Cast (manga) : Publisher

Double Essence (manga) : Publisher

Dragon Knights (manga) : Publisher

(The) Dragon's Betrothed (manga) : Publisher

A Drunken Dream (manga) : Publisher (1980)

Earthian (manga) : Publisher (1988)

Eerie Queerie! (manga) : Publisher

Electric Hands (manga) : Publisher

Empire of Midnight (manga) : Publisher

(La) Esperança (manga) : Publisher

False Memories (manga) : Publisher

Family Complex (manga) : Publisher

Fantasm (manga) : Publisher

Fight!! (manga, Pink Aomata) : Publisher

Flower of Life (manga) : Publisher

Fushigi no Kuni no Shōnen Alice (manga) : Publisher

Garden Dreams (manga) : Publisher

Genji (manga) : Publisher

Genji (OAV) : Cooperation
, Publisher
Get the Moon (manga) : Publisher

Given (manga) : Publisher

Given (movie) : Production

Given (TV) : Production

Hadakeru Kaibutsu (manga) : Publisher

Happy Boys (manga) : Publisher

Haretara Ashita! (manga) : Publisher

Hatsukoi Note (manga) : Publisher

Heroes Are Extinct! (manga) : Publisher

Hey! Class President (manga) : Publisher

Hikarabita Taiji (manga) : Publisher

Horror no Osusume (manga) : Publisher

Hosaka-san to Miyoshi-kun (manga) : Publisher

How to Capture a Martini (manga) : Publisher

How to Control a Sidecar (manga) : Publisher

Hyakushō Kizoku (manga) : Publisher

I Love You, Chief Clerk! (manga) : Publisher

I Want to Bite (light novel) : Publisher

Ideal Lover (manga) : Publisher

Immortal Rain (manga) : Publisher

Imouto ga dekimasita (manga) : Publisher

Jackass! (manga) : Publisher

Jazz (manga) : Publisher

Jealousy (manga) : Publisher

Kachōfūgetsu (manga) : Publisher

Kaminari Soda (manga) : Publisher

Kase-san and... (manga) : Publisher

Kaze Shōjo (manga) : Publisher

Kimi Shiruya - Dost Thou Know? (manga) : Publisher

Kindred Spirits On The Roof (manga) : Publisher

Kiniro Kishi (manga) : Publisher

Kira Kira Kaoru (manga) : Publisher

Kirakira Sweet Home (manga) : Publisher

Kugutsu (manga) : Publisher (2004)

Kyudo Boys (manga) : Publisher

Lample (manga) : Publisher

Left Hand (manga) : Publisher

Liling-Po (manga) : Publisher

Living for Tomorrow (manga) : Publisher

Love Nest (manga) : Publisher

Love Nest 2nd (manga) : Publisher

Maboroshi ni Fureteyo (manga) : Publisher

Maybe Blue (manga) : Publisher

Mermaid Prince (manga by Ozaki) : Publisher

Midnight Bloom (manga) : Publisher

Mikkoku (manga by T. Fuji) : Publisher

Millennium Prime Minister (manga) : Publisher

Minori's Hand (manga) : Publisher

Misshitsu no Hisoka na Hoshi (manga) : Publisher

Miyako - Ballerina Yoshida Miyako Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Monkey Magic (manga) : Publisher

Moon & Sun (manga by Abe) : Publisher

A Murmur of the Heart (manga) : Publisher

Mysterious Love (manga) : Publisher

Nagahama to Be, or Not to Be (manga) : Publisher

Negai Kanaeba (manga) : Publisher

Neko & Gohan & Souteika (manga) : Publisher

Neko-ka Danshi no Shitsukekata (manga) : Publisher

Neon sign Amber (manga) : Publisher

No Color (manga) : Publisher

Okome-chan (manga) : Publisher

Otodama - Voice from the Dead (manga) : Publisher

Pieces of a Spiral (manga) : Publisher

A Place in the Sun (manga) : Publisher

Princess Ai (manga) : Publisher

Princess Ninja Scroll Tenka Musō (manga) : Publisher

Princess Princess (manga) : Publisher

Princess Princess Plus (manga) : Publisher

Queen and the Tailor (manga) : Publisher

Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata (manga) : Publisher

Renai Side (manga) : Publisher

RG Veda (manga) : Publisher

Ring of the Nibelung (manga by Azumi) : Publisher

Romeo/Romeo (manga) : Publisher

Sabita Yoru demo Koi wa Sasayaku (manga) : Publisher

Sayonara Game (manga) : Publisher

Scattering His Virgin Bloom (manga) : Publisher

Secret of the Princess (manga) : Publisher

Secret XXX (manga) : Publisher

Seinen Hakkaten (manga) : Publisher

Shūden ni wa Kaeshimasu (manga) : Publisher

[South] : Publisher

Spiritual Police (manga) : Publisher

Spread Your Wings and Fly (manga) : Publisher

Stigma (manga) : Publisher

Takara's Treasure (manga) : Publisher

Takatsukasake no Ninja (manga) : Publisher

Tantei "Danshi Senka" (manga) : Publisher

Ten Count (manga) : Publisher

Tenkaichi!! (manga) : Publisher

Therapy Game (manga) : Publisher

Tight-rope (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Babylon (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Babylon 2 (OAV) : Production

Train☆Train (manga) : Publisher

Tsugo no Ii Kimi (manga) : Publisher

Twilight of the Dark Master (manga) : Publisher

Twin Bird (manga) : Publisher

Vampire Game (manga) : Publisher

Vanilla (manga) : Publisher

Variation (manga) : Publisher (1988)

A Waltz in the Clinic (manga) : Publisher

Warudakumi nimo Hana wa Furu (manga) : Publisher

Weiß: An Assassin and White Shaman (manga) : Publisher

[Wings] : Publisher

Wish You Were Here (manga) : Publisher

Wolf God (manga) : Publisher

World's End (manga) : Publisher

Worst Soulmate Ever (manga) : Publisher

Yakedo to Tsumeato (manga) : Publisher

Yes, No, or Maybe? (light novel) : Publisher

Yo-kai Watch: Sora Tobu Kujira to Double Sekai no Daibōken da Nyan! (movie) : Decoration Assistance

Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (manga) : Publisher

Young Magician (manga) : Publisher

Yuigon (manga) : Publisher

Ze (manga) : Publisher

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