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Short for the expression "Fan Magazine", fanzines are magazines that are made by fans, published by fans, for fans. The contents vary, but usually consist of columns, reviews, news, information, and fan art. At one time the only way to get a fanzine was either by mail or at conventions, but digital fanzines have become popular on the web (where they are called webzines) or in the form of mailing lists.

While it's rare there have been some cases where fanzines have evolved into full fledged magazines. The best example is Wizard the Comic Magazine which started as a fanzine sold out of the comic shop belonging to the parents of CEO, Chairman, and Founder Gareb Shamus. Since it was first sold as a commercially published magazine in 1991 it has spawned it's own entertainment group, Wizard Entertainment, conventions under the Wizard World banner, and several magazine spin-offs including Anime Insider.

Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts also started its life as a Robotech fanzine in 1988.

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