Birth name: Adolph Hiedler
Hometown: Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria, Austria-Hungary (now Austria, birthplace)
(1900) His attempt to run away from home was unsuccessful.
(1903) His father, Alois Hitler died.
(1905) Drop out of school.
(1907) After the death of his mother moved to Vienna, where he twice unsuccessfully applying at the Art Academy. After he could live for a while from his inheritance, he proposes through from now on no fixed abode, and finally in the homeless with odd jobs. The experiences in the capital of multi-ethnic State and anti-Semitic newspapers and books reading determine Hitler's "worldview" and characterize its racially motivated hatred of Jews and his radical hostility to Marxism and liberalism.
(1913) To escape military service in the Austro-Hungarian army, Hitler moved to Munich.
(1914-08-16) He volunteered for service and enlisted in the Bavarian Army Infantry Regiment No. 16 .
(1914-12) Awarded the iron cross II class.
(1916) His leg was wounded on the Western front.
(1917) Returns to his unit after fully recovered from his injuries.
(1918) Learned of the armistice ending World War 1 while in a hospital from a sobbing pastor.
(1918-08) Awarded the iron cross 1st class.
(1918-10-15) Accidently inhailed some gas, which lead to a severe poisoning leading to occasional blindness. This condition further develop later in his life.
(1919-06) Hitler proposed by his unit to take part in a speaking course for selected "propaganda people" at the University of Munich and it distinguishes itself as a talented speaker.
(1919-08) In his first written political notes he emphasizes the "removal of the Jews at all" as the first target.
(1919-09-12) Hitler attended a meeting of the German workers party (DAP) and joined a few days later as the 555th member. The party had begun their count at 500 to simulate a larger membership.
(1919-10-16) Hitler delivers his first political speech before members of the DAP.
(1920-02) Continued participation in the program of the DAP, renamed as the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP).
(1920-03-31) Hitler is released from the Reichswehr and henceforth dedicated party work.
(1921-07-29) Become Meanwhile indispensable as agitator and known beyond Munich, succeeds at an extraordinary general meeting of the Nazi party, to take over the leadership of the party with dictatorial powers.
(1923-11-09) The Hitler Putsch in Munich is knocked down by government troops at gunpoint. The Nazi party is prohibited on the following day. Hitler flees and Uffing was arrested two days later in the Bavarian.
(1924-02-26) Hitler is together with Ernst Röhm, General Erich Ludendorff and others before the Munich people's Court of treason accused and finally to five years imprisonment sentenced. Hitler used the process negotiations as a forum for his anti-Republican agitation.
(1924-12-20) Released early from the fortress of Landsberg in the first volume of his book "Mein Kampf" has been published.
(1925-02-27) He held the official title of SS Member #1, a title which he gave to himself upon the Nazi Party's creation.
(1925-04-30) Hitler is released from the Austrian citizenship upon application and is since then stateless. Later by the Bavarian Government, which joins also the Prussian State Government.
(1927-03-09) After removal of Redeverbots for Bavaria Hitler speaks for the first time again publicly.
(1928) Hitler speaks after the removal of Redeverbots for Prussia at the Berlin Sports Palace.
(1930) He was involved in a scandal following the apparent suicide of his half-niece, Angela Geli Rabaul. Originally deemed a suicide by Munich police, present-day theories indicate that Hitler had a love affair with and might have murdered his niece. She was living in his apartment and had become a subject of gossip within the ranks of the Nazi Party, giving Hitler a very bad image.
(1931-10-10) President of Germany Paul von Hindenburg receives Hitler for the first time to a debate.
(1931-10-11) Education the Harzburger front, where the entire anti Republican rights is United: Nazi party, German national people's Party (DNVP), Alldeutscher Association, steel helmet.
(1932) Became a German citizen.
(1933) Became a vegetarian.
(1933-01-04) Agreement between Hitler and Franz von Papen in the House of a Cologne banker about a Government was formed.
(1933-01-30) Became Germany's Reich Chancellor of a national Conservative Cabinet, with Hermann Göring and Wilhelm Frick belong two other Nazis.
(1933-03-05) In the German election, remains the Nazi party far behind the expected outright majority and receives 43.9 per cent of the votes.
(1933-03-21) Hitler meets with President Hindenburg to "day of Potsdam". The reputation of the Government of Hitler will be increased through the combination of "old with the new".
(1933-03-24) The enabling Act is adopted by all parties with the exception of the Social Democratic Party Germany (SPD) and the now de facto banned Communist Party of Germany (KPD).
(1934-06-30) The so-called Röhm-putsch got rid of Hitler of's leadership of the pressing for a "second revolution" Sturmabteilung (SA) and can kill many political opponents.
(1934-07-20) The protection relay (SS) is released from the party divisions and directly to Hitler.
(1934-08-02) President Hindenburg dies. Hitler combines the offices of President and Chancellor in his person and holds the title of "Leader and Chancellor of Germany". The Reichswehr, in 1935 the Wehrmacht stating, is sworn in on him personally.
(1935-09-15) The Nuremberg racial laws be adopted from the Reichstag convened party to Nuremberg.
(1936) Hosted the XI Olympics.
(1936-07-20) Hitler Announces General Francisco Franco by the German air force in the Spanish civil war (July 16, 1936-March 28 1939) support of the anti-Republican forces.
(1937-10-25) Hitler receives Benito Mussolini in Berlin and developed its foreign policy Alliance system with the "Berlin-Rome axis".
(1937-11-05) Hitler submits his military and foreign policy goals the military leadership and demands that the armed forces should be upgraded within the next two years for a war of aggression.
(1938-02-04) Hitler dismisses the military top and takes over command of the army. Konstantin von Neurath is replaced as Foreign Minister by Joachim von Ribbentrop , who henceforth directed the foreign policy on a strictly national socialist line.
(1938-03-15) After the invasion of German troops in Austria, Hitler announced the "Anschluss" of Austria to the German Reich before an enthusiastic crowd on Vienna's heldenplatz.
(1938-05-30) Hitler's Geheimbefehl to break up of Czechoslovakia.
(1938-09-29) Munich Agreement. The areas inhabited by the Sudeten Germans fall to Germany. Hitler thereupon declared to have no territorial claims in Europe more.
(1938-10-21) Directive Hitler, to prepare the "Dismantling the Czech Republic of rest of" .
(1938-11-09) From Hitler and Joseph Goebbels initiated Kristallnacht, where numerous synagogues and Jewish businesses are destroyed and deported Jews indiscriminately and are murdered.
(1939-01-30) Hitler announces the "annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe" in a speech on Reichstag in the event of a new world war.
(1939-03-15) The Wehrmacht occupied Czechoslovakia.
(1939-03-21) Hitler calls for the return of Gdansk and the construction of an extra-territorial highway through the corridor.
(1939-05-23) Hitler explains his plans of attack the generals of the armed forces and calls for "Habitat in the East".
(1939-08-23) Conclusion of the "Hitler-Stalin Pact". In a secret supplementary Protocol, the spheres of interest in Eastern Europe are accrued.
(1939-09-01) The German attack on Poland the Second World War begins.
(1939-10-09) Hitler's orders to attack in the West.
(1939-11-08) Mißglücktes assassination of Hitler in the Munich Bürgerbräukeller by the Carpenter journeymen Johann Georg Elser.
(1940-07-31) Hitler shall communicate his decision the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW), to attack the Soviet Union.
(1940-12-18) "driving instruction" No. 21: "Unternehmen Barbarossa" (attack on the Soviet Union) signed.
(1941-03-30) Hitler speaks before the leaders of the military leadership expressly of a "war of extermination" in the East.
(1941-06-06) In the "Commissioner command" Hitler has the shooting of kriegsgefangener political commissars of the "Red Army".
(1941-06-22) Invasion of the Soviet Union. Beginning of the systematic killings by Einsatzgruppen of the SS and the Security Service (SD), in the Soviet Union.
(1942-01-20) Wannsee Conference on the "Final solution of the Jewish question".
(1942-04-26) Hitler leaves the Parliament grant a power of Attorney no law-only as "Supreme Duke of Burgundy".
(1942-08-25) Hitler's orders, to expand the coastal positions in Western France to the "Atlantic wall".
(1943) Conspirators place a bomb on his private plane but the timer was faulty and it failed to detonate.
(1943-01-31) Surrender of the enclosed German 6 army at Stalingrad, which must endure on Hitler's instructions until the end in the positions.
(1944) His arm became paralyzed during an assassination attempt by a group of Wehrmacht generals.
(1944-09-25) Hitler arranges to summarize so far not "his" children and old men in the "Volkssturm" and be used to defend the Reichsgrenzen.
(1945-01-30) Last radio speech of Hitler. He calls fanatical resistance to the advancing Allied troops and conjures up the "final victory".
(1945-03) In his "scorched-earth command", which proposes to completely devastate the German territories before the withdrawal, Hitler's contempt for the German people, which had proved "too weak" for the implementation of its objectives reflected.
(1945-04-29) Hitler marries his longtime girlfriend Eva Braun.
(1945-04-30) He shot himself when the Russian army arrived in the bunker he was hiding in.
(1956-05-20) His half brother Alois Hitler, Jr., died in Hamburg, West Germany.
Date of death: 1945-04-30
Blood type: A
Height: 173 cm
Bust-Waist-Hip: 75-55-77 cm
Actor: Johannes Heesters
Actresses: Pola Negri and Lina Basquette
Movies: King Kong, Metropolis, & Snow White.
Opera: Reinzi
Sport: American Football
Skills & Abilities:
Former Painter
Non-anime roles:
Himself in "Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations" (Documentary) (German)
Himself in "Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty" (Documentary) (German)
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Cast in:
Lupin III: Part II (TV) as Himself (voice from film reel; ep 3 & 120)
Lupin III: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon (movie) as Himself (voice from film reel)
Memory (movie) as Boss (archive sound; uncredited)
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