Flag (DVD 2 of 4)

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Title: Flag
Volume: DVD 2 / 4
Running time: 75
Distributor: Bandai Entertainment

Release date: 2008-01-08
Suggested retail price: $29.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 20861
UPC: 669198208614 669198208614
ISBN-10: 1594098271 1594098271
ISBN-13: 9781594098277 9781594098277

On the night of the new moon UN Observation Forces begin precision bombing operations targeting suspected terrorist strongholds within Uddiyana's capitol city of Subasci. Despite the high technology of computerized missiles, collateral damage still occurs and the local peacekeeping forces move to hide this inconvenient truth from freelance journalist Keiichi Akagi and ultimately the world.

Simultaneously, the Special Development Command unit begins its assault on the Metazone temple in hopes of recovering Shirasu's featured Flag, and with it, the roadmap to peace.

DVD Features: Textless Ending.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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