All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - Collection (DVD)

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Title: All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - Collection
Volume: DVD
Running time: 150
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2003-02-11
Pre date: 2003-01-14
Suggested retail price: $29.98
Age rating: NR

UPC: 702727006128 702727006128

When inventor Kyusaku Natsume transfers the brain of his son Ryunosuke's cat into a top secret android body, the family doesn't lose a pet, they gain a daughter! While she may look like a typical teenage girl to the rest of the world, Nuku Nuku's feminine exterior hides the superhuman strength and abilities of the NK-1124 android chassis, making her the most potent fighting force ever unleashed upon an unsuspecting Japan, and the ideal bodyguard for Ryunosuke!

But can even Nuku Nuku keep her young charge out of the insidious clutches of the ruthless Akiko Mishima, president of Mishima Heavy Industries (M.H.I.), financier of the NK-1124 project, Kyusaku's ex-wife and Ryunosuke's mother? The greatest custody battle of all time erupts in a conflagration across Japan as Akiko unleashes the full force of M.H.I.'s military products division, manned by her elite team of Office-Lady Warriors, in her bid to win back Ryunosuke.

Spoken Languages:English and Japanese, with English subtitles.

DVD Features: Clean closing animation, an image gallery and ADV Previews.

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