Devilman Lady - The Strengthening (DVD 3)

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Title: Devilman Lady - The Strengthening
Volume: DVD 3
Running time: 100
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2003-04-01
Pre date: 2003-03-01
Suggested retail price: $29.98
Age rating: 17+

SKU: DDL-003
UPC: 702727024320 702727024320

Jun is desperate. Is there anyone who can tell her what is happening within her? Will anyone be able to stop her from becoming The Beast again? Each night brings Jun closer to the truth-but the truth is hard to bear. As Jun clings to the last shreds of her humanity, she discovers that she is part of a plan that threatens to erase all traces of humanity from the Earth. The clock is ticking, and darkness slowly swallows the day...

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