Super Robot Wars OG Divine Wars (Sub.DVD 6)

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Title: Super Robot Wars OG Divine Wars
Volume: Sub.DVD 6
Running time: 72
Distributor: Bandai Visual USA

Release date: 2008-05-13
Suggested retail price: $49.99
Age rating: 13+

SKU: BN61349
UPC: 858604001349 858604001349

The Hagwane launches an attack on the DC's main base, and the skies above of Aidoneus erupt in a bitter aerial battle. But the skirmish can only last so long before Bian Zoldark must at last pilot his Valsion into battle and challenge the Federation once and for all.

The fight to defend the Earth sphere reaches its dramatic conclusion... and when the dust has settled, the fate of the war could rest in the hands of a young princess. Will the Federation be able to defend her from the clutches of DC Sub-Commander Adler Koch?

(added on 2008-05-07)

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