Super Robot Wars OG Divine Wars (Sub.DVD 9)

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Title: Super Robot Wars OG Divine Wars
Volume: Sub.DVD 9
Running time: 72
Distributor: Bandai Visual USA

Release date: 2008-08-12
Suggested retail price: $49.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 61370
UPC: 669198613708 669198613708
ISBN-10: 1604960523 1604960523
ISBN-13: 9781604960525 9781604960525

At last, the conclusion of the Divine Wars! This definitive collection includes and episode not aired on Japanese TV!

The Final Adjudicator has appeared before mankind! The SRX has awakened and shall put an end to the long war!

Stage 24 : Gathering Power. The decisive battle with the rogaters has at last begun. The Operation SRW united space fleet engages in a bitter fight with an enemy of overwhelming force against which even a volley of H-MAPWs has no effect. Hoping to pull off a miracle, Ryusei and the other members of SRX Team arrive at the White Star and merge their R series units...

Stage 25 : Divine Wars. The SRX and the Kulogwane's participation in the war gives the Earth Federation Army the momentum it needs to get its counterattack underway. However, before their stunned eyes appears Levi Torah piloting the Judecca, a gigantic form of humanoid mobile weaponry. Meanwhile, as Ryusei and the others battle against Ingram, they learn of the rogaters' true intentions - and Levi's true identity. What will be the fate of this climactic battle against the Hellstar?!

Final Stage : Separate Paths. The Final Adjudicator has appeared, and those who survive the fierce, heroic battle will go their separate ways. What does the future hold for those released from their spell and free to embark to different worlds... for those who will seek the truth that lies hidden beneath the surface of this great war... for those who will seek to reaffirm the roles they have been given and their bonds with others... and for Ryusei Date?

(added on 2008-08-02)

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