Legend of the Dragon Kings - Under Fire + Black Dragon twinpack (DVD 1-2)

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Title: Legend of the Dragon Kings - Under Fire + Black Dragon twinpack
Volume: DVD 1-2
Running time: 186
Distributor: Central Park Media

Release date: 2003-06-10
Suggested retail price: $24.99
Age rating: NR

UPC: 719987233621 719987233621

Dragon Kings DVD 1: Under Fire
There's something strange about the four Ryudo brotheres. Each seems to be endowed with almost superhuman abilities. But someone out there is envious.

Kamukura no Gozen, the 'old man of Kamukura' is the richest and most powerful man in Japan. He also seems to know more about the brothers than they know about themselves. He's spent his entire life trying to unravel a secret so important, so powerful, that it's worth any price. And somehow, the brothers hold the key to that secret.

Until now, the brothers have led a pleasant, peaceful life... But all that is about to change. They weren't bothered when the assault and kidnapping attempts were directed at them... But when their friends become victims, it's time to get tough. Unfortunately, no one knows how powerful the brothers really are - but they're about to find out!

Contains the first 2 episodes!

Dragon Kings DVD 2: Black Dragon
Until now, Kamakura no Gozen, the richest man in Japan, has trusted his underlings to bring the brothers under his control. But now it's time for more desperate action. First he'll kidnap the brothers' only living relatives: their cousin Matsuri and her family.

Then he'll force the brothers to stage a rescue attempt in the middle of an army of munitions rage. Lastly, he's planned one final bit of treachery: an elite combat team with the latest military hardware.

But the brothers aren't the type to give up quietly. The power of dragons sleeps deep within them. And if that power ever awakens - watch out!

Contains episodes 3-4.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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