Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (DVD 12)

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Title: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Volume: DVD 12
Running time: 100
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2009-03-17
Suggested retail price: $29.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: FN02296
UPC: 704400022968 704400022968
ISBN-10: 1421018160 1421018160
ISBN-13: 9781421018164 9781421018164

The quest undertaken long ago by four souls joined by fate could soon draw to a close, though not for the reason the travelers might hope. The aspiration of gathering Sakura's memories is still unfulfilled, and the journey has come to a horrifying halt. In a land which welcomed the group with warmth, a chilling dilemma must now be confronted and the princess is trapped in the clutches of a jealous king.

Contains episodes 49-52.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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