Armored Trooper Votoms - Stage 3: Deadworld Sunsa (Sub.DVD/R0 3 of 4)

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Title: Armored Trooper Votoms - Stage 3: Deadworld Sunsa
Volume: Sub.DVD/R0 3 / 4
Running time: 74
Distributor: NuTech Digital

Release date: 2001-07-17
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 064572151973 064572151973

Journey of Vengeance!

Like a resurfacing nightmare, Chirico recognizes that they are on the planet Sunsa - the site of many intense battles during the Hundred Years War. The worst battle occurred when the Balarant forces engaged the Red Shoulder Battalion, a chapter of his bloody past that Chirico desperately wants to forget. But in a desert dyed red with the blood of the war's victims, the ghosts of the past still pursue him.

Reunited with his old friends from Uoodo City, Chirico takes refuge with a band of scrap weapons dealers. But their refuge becomes another trap when the scrap-pickers' leader, Zophie discovers the truth about Chirico's past. Her hatred for the Red Shoulders will lead her on a journey of vengeance that will follow Chirico across the burning, airless surface of Sunsa to a final confrontation with both their pasts. But Chirico has a more pressing problem: Fyana's supply of jijirium has run out... and without it she will die.

Contains Episodes:
7. Planet Sunsa
8. Deadline
9. Love and Hate
Bonus Feature: The World Of Votoms - Characters, Mecha, and more!

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