Kimagure Orange Road OVA & Movie package (DVD)

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Title: Kimagure Orange Road OVA & Movie package
Volume: DVD
Running time: 270
Distributor: AnimEigo

Release date: 2004-01-20
Suggested retail price: $74.98
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 737187003950 737187003950

Available to AnimEigo pre-orders in December 2003 (Original scheduled date: October 10)
Available at retail & online stores on January 20th, 2004.

Kyosuke's just your average high-school kid - except that he and his whole family are CURSED with psychic powers. It goes without saying that the last thing they want is for anyone to find out about the family secret. The jig would be up, and they'd have to leave town - so they'll go to extremes to keep everyone in the dark.

Meanwhile, Kyosuke has a problem that most teenagers would pay to have: two pretty girls are in love with him. Hikaru knows she loves Kyosuke, and she's made sure everyone knows it. On the other hand, the mysterious and beautiful Madoka thinks that she loves Kyosuke, but she doesn't want anyone to know it - even Kyosuke!

Poor Kyosuke can't decide who he really loves, and his psychic powers are much better at getting him into trouble than they are at getting him out of it! Which means that things are never dull on Kimagure (Whimsical) Orange Road.

Contains All 8 Kimagure Orange Road OVAs and the first movie on 3 DVDs!

Spoken Languages: Japanese with English Subtitles only.

(added on 2003-06-19)

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