Beast City (DVD)

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Title: Beast City
Volume: DVD
Running time: 90
Distributor: Critical Mass Video

Release date: 2010-01-05
Suggested retail price: $24.99
Age rating: 18+

UPC: 742617100321 742617100321

The lust and depravity of modern man has lured the Demon King to the surface world.​ His monstrous minions roam the streets,​ sniffing out nubile victims and devilish delights.​ But their debauchery is short-lived - the Vampire Queen awakens to slay her natural enemies.​ With a bloodlust that rivals her deadly,​ preternatural powers,​ she will hunt them down.​ In a city of steel and science,​ an ancient feud is about to reignite!

Contains "Vampire Madonna" and "The Awakening of the Beast.​"

Special Features: Storyboards,​ Art Gallery,​ Meet the Characters,​ Anime Artform,​ Previews.​

Spoken Languages: English,​ Japanese,​ English subtitles.​

(added on 2010-02-03)

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