Dragon Ball Z - Androids - Assassins (DVD 38)

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Title: Dragon Ball Z - Androids - Assassins
Volume: DVD 38
Running time: 62
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2002-02-05
Suggested retail price: $14.95
Age rating: MA13

SKU: FN-03009
UPC: 704400030093 704400030093

Episodes 118-120

Nightmare Comes True:
The race is on, as the Z-Fighters engage in a frantic search for Dr. Gero's hidden laboratory! But rather than stop the Androids before they're activated, Vegeta wants a challenge! An against Trunks' sage advice, he's bent on fighting the Androids alone! Can Trunks dissuade Vegeta's suicidal course of action? (Episode 118)

Goku's Assassin:
The demented Dr. Gero escapes to his mountain hideout and brings his killer androids to life. Without the help of Goku, who's bedridden with a deadly disease, all hope seems lost. IT looks like Dr. Gero will finally get his revenge against Goku. But wait! His evil creations have a vendetta of their own! (Episode 119)

Deadly Beauty:
Vegeta faces off with Android 18 for a showdown on the highway. Even though Trunks and the others are there to help, the Saiyan prince insists on battling his opponent single-handedly! Will Vegeta's overconfidence against this android of unlimited power be his undoing? (Episode 120)

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