Freedom (DVD 5)

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Title: Freedom
Volume: DVD 5
Running time: 27
Distributor: Bandai Entertainment

Release date: 2008-10-28
Suggested retail price: $39.98
Age rating: MA13

UPC: 669198612268 669198612268

Takeru and Biz are lured away from their home, The Lunar Republic Of Eden, by a shining blue orb which hangs wistfully in the pitch dark space. This is despite the fact that in their lunar schooling, they were taught that Earth, the cradle of humanity, has long since been a planet devoid of life due to heavy irradiation. But once they land on the Earth's surface, they find that she has many faces, they travel across vast, dry deserts, and are dazzled by panoramic expanses of blue sky. They are awed by heavy storms or raging winds and brilliant lightning. After a long journey across the continent to Florida, they finally meet Ao, the girl in the mysterious photo. The people of Ao's village, although materially poor, are exemplars of strength, as seen by their brave response to a heavy and sudden hurricane. At this settlement, Takeru sees the sea for the first time in his life, and befriends the raucous and energetic local children, perhaps more than anything, he is spellbound by Ao's eyes, which reflect an iron will, and a determination to stay hopeful no matter the circumstances, - Earth is awesome, - so they not settle down here? Takeru nearly reaches that conclusion, until Ao confides in Takeru her past on a visit to the abandoned launchpad. Her beloved father once built a rocket with hopes of traveling to the moon, but died tragically in an accidental rocket explosion. - Now you know the truth, Takeru, but the moon doesn't! - when Ao speaks these words, Takeru resolves to return to Eden. - I'll make it happen! - with Takeru's call to action, the villagers mobilize to begin work on a new rocket. Biz, with the help of Brown, a nutty settler at the old air and space museum - better known as scrap city-, sets to work on repair of a rocket engine designed for atmospheric exit. Takeru and Ao go through G-force training, and the villagers assemble the rocket at the launchpad. Two years pass, and the rocket which will carry their hopes and dreams is complete. The countdown to launch begins, but suddenly, an alarm siren blares! Will takeru and Ao's wishes come true? see for yourself, in this exciting 6th installment of Freedom

(added on 2010-02-03)

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