Kimagure Orange Road (DVD 2)

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Title: Kimagure Orange Road
Volume: DVD 2
Running time: 100
Distributor: AnimEigo

Release date: 2004-04-06
Suggested retail price: $24.98
Age rating: NR

UPC: 737187003912 737187003912

Two Girls, One Guy, Psychic Powers, Oh My!

Kyosuke's just your average high-school kid - except that he and his whole family are CURSED with psychic powers. To make matters worse, two girls have their eye on him, and he can't decide which one he likes. But if anyone figures out the family secret, the jig will be up!

This special disc contains 4 complete Kimagure Orange Road Ova episodes.

In Stage of Love = Heart on Fire! Spring is for Idols, Hayakawa, a famous singer, comes to town to host a battle of the bands. A head-on collision with Kyosuke results in the two swapping bodies, and Hayakawa wastes no time in putting the moves on Hikaru and Madoka!

Then, in Stage of Love = Heart on Fire! Birth of a Star, Kyosuke tries to convince Hayakawa not to talk about his experience and race to find Madoka and get her to the contest on time. Fortunately, he can teleport...

Next, Akane suckers Kyosuke into pretending to be her boyfriend to impress her friends in An Unexpected Situation.

And finally, in Message in Rouge, Madoka runs away from home because she believes her father is cheating on her mother. What will Kyosuke do when she asks to stay the night?

(added on 2010-02-03)

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