Ninja Cadets (DVD)

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Title: Ninja Cadets
Volume: DVD
Running time: 60
Distributor: AnimeWorks

Release date: 2007-09-04
Suggested retail price: $24.95
Age rating: MA13

UPC: 631595008036 631595008036

Feudal Japan -- a time of warfare, where mysterious ninja magic and merciless martial arts are used by both sides in a bloody battle between the Byakuro and the evil Kabusu clan. Now, the Kabuso are about to unleash their most devious plan yet -- kidnap the infant Byakuro princess who possesses an incredible power. Alas, an honorable ninja manages to escape with the royal cherub and sends the baby off to be raised in hiding. Years later an energetic young group of Ninja Cadets is about to be put through their final exam -- to see if they possess the skills of true ninja. Their assignment: sneak into the occupied Byakuro castle and steal a secret scroll. Soon, our young Ninja cadets Sakura, Pochi, Matsuri, Hayashi, Yume and their instructor Kaoru, are split into pairs and continue with their mission. Little do they know that the evil Kabusu Clan have hired highly skilled mercenaries to follow them, knowing that one of the young Ninja Cadets is actually the princess... but which one is she? Brought to you by Youmex, the creative team behind the popular Bubblegum Crisis series, Ninja Cadets features cute girls, non-stop ninja action and a real Ninja Scroll!

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