Super GALS! - The Complete Collection (DVD)

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Title: Super GALS! - The Complete Collection
Volume: DVD
Running time: 1300
Distributor: The Right Stuf International

Release date: 2010-10-12
Suggested retail price: $59.99
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 742617103322 742617103322
ISBN-10: 1570327750 1570327750
ISBN-13: 9781570327759 9781570327759

Sporting designer clothes,​ designer make-up,​ and designer nails,​ Ran Kotobuki is the very picture of a trendy Shibuya girl,​ but don't let her outer appearance fool you.​ This girl comes from a family of cops,​ and she's ready to lay you out flat if you even think about causing trouble in her town! ...At least,​ she will when she's not distracted by karaoke,​ shopping,​ and dodging her homework.​ Join Ran and her friends as they defend the streets of Shibuya and attempt to shop their way into the history books as the most famous Gals ever!

Contains all of seasons one (episodes 1-26) and two (episodes 27-52).

Special Features: Clean Opening,​ Clean Closing,​ The Super GALS! Explain It All 1-6,​ Super GALS! Trailer,​ GALS! Slang,​ Liner Notes,​ Character Bios,​ Previews.​

Spoken Languages (Season 1): English (Dolby Stereo), Japanese (Dolby Stereo), English subtitles.​

Spoken Languages (Season 2): Japanese (Dolby Stereo), English subtitles.​

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