Chi's Sweet Home - Shorthair Saunter (GN 6)

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Title: Chi's Sweet Home - Shorthair Saunter
Volume: GN 6
Pages: 160
Distributor: Vertical

Release date: 2011-06-28
Suggested retail price: $13.95
Age rating: ALL

ISBN-10: 1935654144 1935654144
ISBN-13: 9781935654148 9781935654148

Exploring her new surroundings, Chi encounters countless new friends, including another young feline named Cocchi. This new kitty comrade opens up a whole new world for our star. Prior to this encounter she had a mild awareness of what it was like to be a cat. To Chi, she was Chi and the Yamadas were her clan. Now with another one of her kind clearly there, Chi is more willing than ever to accept that a cat's world is one that she should be and will eventually be a part of.

While on a rare night excursion, our furry heroine reunites with an old friend and is introduced to a world where a whole community of cats of all shapes and sizes congregate in the twilight. This reunion with her mentor Blackie allows Chi to slowly move closer and closer to that long awaited reunion with her own cat family. Even if she is no longer searching for her own original home it is suddenly closer than it's ever been.

Story and art by Kanata Konami.

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