Sextra Credit (DVD)

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Title: Sextra Credit
Volume: DVD
Running time: 60
Distributor: Kitty Media

Release date: 2006-01-17
Suggested retail price: $29.95
Age rating: 18+

UPC: 631595060164 631595060164

As the only male professor in his department,​ Jyotaro is constantly under fire from Kyoko,​ Miki,​ Mayumi,​ Kaori and Rui.​ These five gorgeous female teachers are known for being untouchable and unreachable.​ But when one of Jyotaro's students,​ Marimo,​ stays late for some extra credit,​ Jyotaro gains a partner in crime.​ Together,​ they hunt each teacher one at a time,​ digging up each one's dirtiest fantasies and bringing them to life!

Spoken Languages: English,​ Japanese,​ English subtitles.​

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