Book Girl and the Undine Who Bore a Moonflower (Novel 6 of 8)

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Title: Book Girl and the Undine Who Bore a Moonflower
Volume: Novel 6 / 8
Pages: 240
Distributor: Yen Press

Release date: 2013-01-22
Suggested retail price: $11.99
Age rating: 15+

ISBN-10: 0316076961 0316076961
ISBN-13: 9780316076968 9780316076968

I've been kidnapped by a bad person.​ Bring a change of clothes and your homework and come save me!" Duped by this seemingly earnest summons from Tohko,​ Konoha finds himself forced to spend his summer break at the Himekura villa,​ writing snacks for his greedy club president.​ But the shadow of a tragedy from eighty years past threatens to destroy their otherwise peaceful summer.​ What is the "secret" that stirs the Book Girl's imagination?​

Written by Mizuki Nomura.​

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