Mad Bull 4 (Dub.VHS 4)

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Title: Mad Bull 4
Volume: Dub.VHS 4
Running time: 110
Distributor: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 1996-09-24
Suggested retail price: $19.99
Age rating: nr

UPC: 780063624732 780063624732

Two policemen are found lying in a pool of blood - horribly murdered by an incredibly strong and vicious assailant. This is the grisly introduction to one of the worst series of killings New York has ever seen and one that may spell the end for the NYPD!

Mad Bull and his partner are thrown in at the deep end when the killer turns out to have a grudge against Mad Bull - and the means to exact revenge! As the body count continues to escalate and more and more policemen lose their lives, the SWAT teams are called in, but even they can't hope to beat a killer who is impervious to bullets and whose metal claws can cut through steel! Will Mad Bull find out that this is the one battle he can't hope to win? Mad Bull pulls out all the stops in this action-packed conclusion to the series, leading to a deadly battle that tests all his skill and strength against a killer who will stop at nothing to get revenge!

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