Master Keaton - Blood & Dust (DVD 5 of 8)

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Title: Master Keaton - Blood & Dust
Volume: DVD 5 / 8
Running time: 115
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2004-02-10
Suggested retail price: $29.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 11918
UPC: 013023191891 013023191891

The past conceals grand adventures! Keaton explores the amazing history of a Scottish watch enshrined in Japan and a bottle of fine French wine hidden from the Nazis. Then, Keaton uncovers a false "Robin Hood" and must run for his life!

Attempting to follow his dreams, Keaton turns to archeology, but just as his passion led to his first murder investigation, Keaton finds danger on his next dig site when the natives strand the team in the Taklimakan desert!

DVD Features: Interactive Menus, The "Hidden Feature," Previews.

* Case 21: The Thistle Emblem
Keaton flies to Scotland to investigate a watch preserved in a shrine in Japan.
* Case 22: Chateau Lajonchee 1944
Keaton visits Burgundy to insure the extraordinary vintage wine Chateau Lajonchee 1944.
* Case 23: No Way Out
Keaton must escort a fugitive through a perilous road across a bottomless swamp.
* Case 24: The Day the Op Was Born
Keaton recalls the first time he met Daniel and became the insurance investigator 10 years ago...
* Case 25: Kalihman of the Desert
Keaton and the excavation team are left for dead in the Taklimakan Desert.

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