Aura Battler Dunbine - Mysteries of Byston Well + Artbox (DVD 7 of 12)

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Title: Aura Battler Dunbine - Mysteries of Byston Well + Artbox
Volume: DVD 7 / 12
Running time: 100
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2004-07-20
Suggested retail price: $24.98
Age rating: 12+

UPC: 702727056826 702727056826

Contains Aura Battler Dunbine DVD 7 along with a high-quality artbox designed to fit DVDs 7-12!

Massive Aura Ships and squadrons of Aura Battlers take to the sky as Drake Luft and King Bishott accelerate plans to conquer their complex and diverse home world. The rebels have no choice but to bring out their 'big guns' as well. So now, what was once a small-scale attempt at territorial expansion has become a deadly global war.

DVD Features: production portfolio, clean opening and closing animation and previews.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English Subtitles.

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