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Fairy Tail: Ice Trail (GN 1 of 2)

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Title: Fairy Tail: Ice Trail
Volume: GN 1 / 2
Pages: 208
Distributor: Kodansha Comics

Release date: 2015-12-29
Suggested retail price: $10.99
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 163236283X 163236283X
ISBN-13: 9781632362834 9781632362834

After a battle with an evil demon, an entire village is laid waste. All perish, except for one boy. Keeping his master’s teachings close to his heart, this lone survivor sets out on a journey westwards in search of new sights and unimaginable power. The boy’s name: Gray Fullbuster. For the first time, experience Gray’s childhood adventures, and follow him down the path that will lead him to Fairy Tail!

Spin-off of Fairy Tail.

Story and art by Yuusuke Shirato.

(added on 2015-10-23, modified on 2016-01-07)

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