King of Breasts (Sub.Blu-Ray)

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Title: King of Breasts
Volume: Sub.Blu-Ray
Running time: 56
Distributor: SoftCel Pictures

Release date: 2017-08-08
Suggested retail price: $19.98
Age rating: 18+

UPC: 816726026909 816726026909

In King of Breasts, Naoya likes breasts. In fact, he's so obsessed with them that he can recognize any breast from just a picture. But while that's an impressive ability, who would expect some mysterious patrons to set up a game where Naoya has to locate five championship breasts from among all the girls in the city? Oh, and to have a lot of sex too.

That's exactly what happens when a girl named Nir shows up and gives Naoya the rules and a stack of free sex vouchers. That certainly doesn't suck! Or, actually, with his free vouchers, that's on the table too… With everyone from his teachers to the girl giving out free samples on the corner as possible "game pieces," Naoya's going to have a long, hard and very probing time ahead of him as he seeks to prove that he's the King of Breasts!

Special Features: Reversible cover.

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