RahXephon - CD Soundtrack 2 (OST)

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Title: RahXephon - CD Soundtrack 2
Volume: OST
Running time: 63
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2005-04-05
Pre date: 2005-03-01
Suggested retail price: $14.98
Age rating: ALL

SKU: 52782
UPC: 013023527829 013023527829

"The year: 2027. When the inhabitants of Tokyo Jupiter discover their seemingly normal lives have been under the control of strange aliens known as Mu, their only hope of salvation lies in the equally mysterious mecha weapon, RahXephon, projecting its 'forbidden song.' While the storyline to the acclaimed 'RahXephon' series takes place in the future, the diverse music found in ""RahXephon Original Soundtrack Vol. 2"" is rooted in contemporary jazz music, further punctuated with contrasting tracks of erratic noise, seductive, airy vocals, symphonic melodies, and even avant garde punk, courtesy of musician/vocalist Ichiko Hashimoto. Three songs are featured on this 20-track CD, including an English language rendition of the ending theme, ""Egg of the Dream.""

This soundtrack to 'RahXephon,' the popular animated series airing on The Anime Network and currently available on DVD, also features a full-color insert booklet with lyrics, song titles and composer comments translated in English, as well as romanized lyrics."

(added on 2004-11-22)

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