Cool Devices [10th Anniversary Edition] (DVD 4 of 4)

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Title: Cool Devices [10th Anniversary Edition]
Volume: DVD 4 / 4
Running time: 75
Distributor: Critical Mass Video

Release date: 2005-05-31
Pre date: 2005-05-03
Suggested retail price: $29.95
Age rating: 18+

UPC: 742617697425 742617697425

Cool Devices, a series that redefined adult anime in the US and became one of the best selling hentai titles ever, has returned in a brand new digitally remastered 10th Anniversary Edition! Now, for the very first time, this hentai masterpiece is finally available in English!

A splendidly sinful climax... All good things must come to an end eventually, but for a series that bathes in debauchery and rides the razor's edge between pain and pleasure... what could be its curtain call?

Masaki is just an average journalist hoping to find a story. But the only thing he finds is himself, robbed by a thief! Stranded, without his train ticket, things are starting to look bleak, that is, until he runs into Miyuki, the girl of his dreams... literally!

Miyuki puts him up for the night at a gorgeous mansion filled with nothing but sexy women! A luscious red-headed maid, a playful blonde school-girl, and a saucy dominatrix... just a sample of the sensuous story that awaits him.

Idol-singer Rina's career is starting to look very promising, but when she hears of her father owes a large amount of money to the mob, she agrees to sign her record contract over to them to pay off the debt. Little does Rina know that she'll be signing her life and body over to them as well! At the complete mercy of her new owners, she begins to undergo a drastic change in image... from being an untouchable idol to a sleazy sex toy...

DVD Features: Extensive Art Gallery, Cool Devices Series Trailer, Critical Mass Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles and "Soft" Subtitles for on screen translations.

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