Samurai Executioner (GN 8 of 10)

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Title: Samurai Executioner
Volume: GN 8 / 10
Pages: 304
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2006-01-11
Suggested retail price: $9.95
Age rating: 17+

SKU: DH10281
ISBN-10: 1593072775 1593072775
ISBN-13: 9781593072773 9781593072773

Spring is a season of rebirth, of new life springing forth, a time of cherished blooming and delightful scents. But for Kubikira Asa, there is no spring delight. The Edo-era samurai crime drama by Lone Wolf and Cub creators Koike and Kojima continues down its path of heinous crime and diligent, bloody justice.

Spring may come to the innocent, but to those condemned to lose their heads to Asa's sword, it will be their last.

Story by Kazuo Koike and Art by Goseki Kojima.

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