Urusei Yatsura (Sub.DVD 50)

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Title: Urusei Yatsura
Volume: Sub.DVD 50
Running time: 50
Distributor: AnimEigo

Release date: 2006-06-06
Suggested retail price: $24.95
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 737187008894 737187008894

Just when you thought it was safe to turn away, Volume 50 calls down the lightning and pops open the bottles on two special episodes. First, Cherry, in various forms of dress, hosts a countdown awards show where the top-ten episodes are revealed in the special program "Announcing the Urusei Awards!" And as the cherry blossoms bloom, everyone (and we mean everyone) gathers for an electrifying costume contest finale in "All-Star Party! We Are Immortal!"

Urusei Yatsura - As God is my witness, I'll never write one of these taglines again!

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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