Love Hina - Summer by the Sea (DVD 5 of 6)

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Title: Love Hina - Summer by the Sea
Volume: DVD 5 / 6
Running time: 100
Distributor: Bandai Entertainment

Release date: 2002-10-22
Suggested retail price: $24.98
Age rating: NR

SKU: 80114
UPC: 669198801143 669198801143

Summer time is almost over and the gang takes a well deserved vacation. But when Naru becomes possessed by an evil spirit, it is up to Keitaro to save her soul.

Due to a misunderstanding, Naru ditches Keitaro and hangs out with Seta at the summer festival. Meanwhile, Sara pulls a prank that backfires and leaves them stranded on a deserted island.

Throw in Kaolla’s older brother and a mechanical doll discovered in the deep dark recesses of the Hinata apartments and you have yourself a recipe for disaster!

Previously identified as UPC 669198190490 (SKU 1904) with $29.98 MSRP

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