The Transformers - The Movie (20th Anniversary Special Edition) (Dub.DVD)

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Title: The Transformers - The Movie (20th Anniversary Special Edition)
Volume: Dub.DVD
Running time: 300
Distributor: Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Release date: 2006-11-07
Suggested retail price: $21.98
Age rating: PG

UPC: 828768307991 828768307991

2 Disc Special Edition, remastered

Crafts Exclusive New "Transforming" Cover Art by Legendary Artist Don Figueroa

three distinct versions:

* 16 X 9 WIDESCREEN PRESENTATION ­ which has not been seen anywhere since the movie was in theaters 20 years ago.

* AUTOBOT MATRIX OF KNOWLEDGE PRESENTATION ­ Truly showcasing the pop culture phenomenon that is THE TRANSFORMERS, SONY BMG has created a special version of the film for the DVD release. The Autobot Matrix of Knowledge will feature trivia and fun facts about the movie itself, the TRANSFORMERS brand, and the pop culture references in which TRANSFORMERS has been spoofed/tributed. Approximately 100 fun facts will show up on screen throughout the movie. Many of the factoids were provided by fans through a special DVD site created by Sony BMG to solicit input -- marking the first time that the huge TRANSFORMERS fan base has ever been asked to participate in the creation of a TRANSFORMERS home entertainment release.


* Sneak Peek at the 2007 live action movie including trailer and Spielberg/Bay Interviews
* All-new, exclusive interviews with key creative talen
* Multiple Audio Commentaries
* Original toy commercials, trailers, and Deleted Footage
* DVD-Rom Interactive Game
* Spanish and French Subtitles

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