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The Transformers: The Movie (U.S. movie)

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Alternative title:
Les Transformers : le film (French)
Transformers - Der Kampf um Cybertron (German)
トランスフォーマー ザ・ムービー (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: It is the year 2005. Twenty-one years after the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons resumed their neverending war on planet Earth, the Decepticons have conquered the robots' home planet Cybertron. After a surprise attack by the Decepticons, both factions wage a gruesome battle at Autobot City. In the midst of the battle, Autobot leader Optimus Prime dies during his fight with Decepticon leader Megatron. The Autobot Matrix of Leadership is then passed on to second-in-command Ultra Magnus. Meanwhile, a badly-damaged Megatron is jettisoned by Starscream into deep space, where he encounters the planet-eating robot Unicron and is reborn as Galvatron, the new Decepticon leader. With Galvatron's reign on the rise and Unicron's imminent arrival within Cybertron's orbit, the Autobots must act quickly and protect the Matrix or face total annihilation.
Running time: 84 minutes
Vintage: 1986-08-08
Premiere date:
1986-08-08 (USA)
1989-08-09 (Japan)
Release dates: We have 1
Opening Theme:
"Transformers" by Lion
Ending Theme:
"Transformers" by Lion
Insert song:
"Dare to Be Stupid" by Weird Al Yankovic
"Dare" by Stan Bush
"Hunger" by Spectre General
"Instruments of Destruction" by N.R.G.
"Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way" by Spectre General
"The Touch" by Stan Bush
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Transformers: The Movie (Dub.Blu-ray + DVD) 2021-09-28 (from $12.99)
    Transformers: The Movie [30th Anniversary Edition] (Dub.Blu-ray + DVD) 2016-09-13
    Transformers: The Movie [30th Anniversary Edition] [SteelBook] (Dub.Blu-ray + DVD) 2016-09-13 (from $29.99)
    Transformers: The Movie [4K] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2021-09-28 (from $17.89)
    Transformers: The Movie [4K] [SteelBook] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2021-08-03 (from $19.96)
Blu-ray (Region B)
    Transformers: The Movie (Dub.Blu-ray) 2007-10-01 (from $44.98)
DVD (Region 1)
    The Transformers: The Movie (Dub.DVD) 2000-11-07 (from $25.17)
    Transformers: The Movie [20th Anniversary Special Edition] (Dub.DVD) 2006-11-07 (from $21.93)
    Transformers: The Movie [30th Anniversary Edition] (Dub.DVD) 2016-09-13
    The Transformers - The Movie (Dub.VHS) 2000-11-07

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Dubbing Director: Shōzō Tajima
Animation Director:
Hidetoshi Ōmori (uncredited)
Kōichi Tsunoda
Translation: Emi Araki
Background Art Director: Takao Sawada

Animation Cameraman:
Masaru Sakanishi (as Masaru Banzai)
Yukio Katayama
Assistant Animation Director:
Masao Itō
Seung Kyun Baik
Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Assistant Background Designer: Tadami Shimokawa
Associate producer:
Masaharu Etō
Tomoo Fukumoto
Background Department Manager: Ryūichi Sugimoto
Background Painter:
Kazuo Ebisawa
Toshikatsu Sanuki
Chief animator: Kōichi Tsunoda
Chief Cameraman: Masatoshi Fukui
Final Checking: Kōichi Tsunoda
In-Between Check:
Akira Satō
Hitoshi Abe
Ryōkichi Yoshizawa (as Ryukichi Yoshizawa)
Ink & Paint Supervisor:
Junko Furuya
Kuniko Murata
Poster Art: Yoshiyuki Takani
Production manager:
Hiroshi Meguro (as Koh Meguro)
Satoru Nakamura
Takuya Igarashi
Script Continuity: Yōko Okamoto
Supervising Animation Director: Kōzō Morishita
Hiroya Ishimaru as Hot Rodimus / Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime)
Mizuho Suzuki as Unicron
Seizo Katou as Megatron/Galvatron
Tesshō Genda as Optimus Prime (Convoy)

Hirotaka Suzuoki as Starscream
Issei Masamune as Soundwave
Kazue Komiya as Wheelie
Ken Shiroyama as Perceptor
Ken Yamaguchi as Blurr
Kenyuu Horiuchi as Springer
Masako Katsuki as Arcee
Masashi Ebara as Spike Witwicky
Mayumi Tanaka as Daniel Witwicky
Minoru Inaba as Cyclonus
Osamu Saka as Kup (Chaar)
Shō Hayami as Ultra Magnus
Takurō Kitagawa as Grimlock
Toshirō Ishii as Wreck-Gar
Yoku Shioya as Bumblebee

Issei Masamune as
Keiichi Nanba as
Blaster (Broadcast)
Ken Shiroyama as
Frenzy (blue)
Ken Yamaguchi as
Quintesson Guard
Masashi Ebara as
Guren (Hook)
Quintesson Leader
Minoru Inaba as
Jazz (Meister)
Osamu Saka as Ramjet
Shō Hayami as
Takurō Kitagawa as
Toshirō Ishii as
Yoku Shioya as
Yutaka Shimaka as
Shockwave (Laserwave)
Japanese companies
Anime R (uncredited)
Toei Animation
Distributor: Takara
English cast
English staff
Director: Nelson Shin
Screenplay: Ron Friedman
Music: Vince DiCola
Character Design: Floro Dery
Art Director: Pete Ciccotto (DVD Bonus Features)
Translation: Mitsuko Y. Hays
Executive producer:
Annmarie Gatti (DVD Bonus Features)
Dino De Laurentiis
Lee Gunther
Margaret Loesch
Ariana Tsoutsas (DVD Bonus Features)
Joe Bacal
Randy Koshinskie (DVD Bonus Features)
Tom Griffin

Blu-Ray Producer: Brian Ward (Shout! Factory releases)
Co-Producer: Nelson Shin
Cover Art:
Don Figueroa (20th Anniversary DVD)
Josh Burcham (20th Anniversary DVD)
Livio Ramondelli (30th Anniversary Edition; Shout! Factory)
DVD Producer: Brian Ward (30th Anniversary Edition; Shout! Factory)
Executive Production Coordinator: Gene Pelc
Illustration: Matt Ferguson (35th Anniversary Edition; Shout! Factory)
Insert Song Performance:
Al Yankovic ("Dare to Be Stupid")
N.R.G. ("Instruments of Destruction")
Spectre General ("Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way"/"Hunger")
Stan Bush ("Dare"/"The Touch")
Label Copy Coordination: Phil Swain (DVD Bonus Features)
Music producer:
Ernie Burns ("Instruments of Destruction")
Randy Bishop (Spectre General songs)
Richie Wise
Rick Derringer ("Dare to be Stupid")
Spencer Proffer (Spectre General songs)
Original Concept Design: Floro Dery
Packaging Design: Karrie Stouffer (30th Anniversary Edition; Shout! Factory)
Production manager: Gerald Moeller
Project Coordination: Lauryn Nicasio (DVD Bonus Features)
Senior Production Manager: Carole Weitzman
Sound Processing: Scott Brownlee
Story Consultant:
Flint Dille
Roger Slifer
Supervising Producer: Jay Bacal
Theme Song Composition:
Anne Bryant ("Transformers")
Ford Kinder ("Transformers")
Lenny Macaluso ("The Touch")
Stan Bush ("The Touch")
Theme Song Performance: Lion ("Transformers")
Voice Direction: Wally Burr
Frank Welker as Megatron
Judd Nelson as Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime
Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron
Orson Welles as Unicron
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime

Buster Jones as Blaster
Chris Latta as Starscream
Corey Burton as Spike Witwicky
Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee
David Mendenhall as Daniel Witwicky
Eric Idle as Wreck-Gar
Frank Welker as
Gregg Berger as Grimlock
Neil Ross as Springer
Paul Eiding as Perceptor
Robert Stack as Ultra Magnus
Roger C. Carmel as Cyclonus
Stan Jones as Scourge
Susan Blu as Arcee

Arthur Burghardt as Devastator
Casey Kasem as Cliffjumper
Chris Latta as Laserbeak
Clive Revill as Kickback
Corey Burton as
Don Messick as Scavenger
Ed Gilbert as Blitzwing
Frank Welker as
Hal Rayle as Shrapnel
Jack Angel as Astrotrain
Michael Bell as
Neil Ross as
Norm Alden as Kranix
Peter Cullen as Ironhide
Regis Cordic as Quintesson Judge
Roger C. Carmel as Quintesson Leader
Victor Caroli as Narrator

English companies
The Hub
Family Home Entertainment (Expired)
Funimation UK (United Kingdom and Ireland; 2021)
Madman Entertainment (Australia)
Manga Entertainment (United Kingdom; 2018)
Metrodome Distribution Ltd (UK)
Rhino (Expired)
Shout! Factory (2016)
Sony BMG Music Entertainment (2006)
DVD Authoring: The Cannery (20th Anniversary DVD)
DVD Design: The Cannery (20th Anniversary DVD)
Music Production:
Scotti Bros. Records (Original 1986 Soundtrack)
Volcano Entertainment
Opticals: F-Stop
Prints: Technicolor
Re-Recording: Todd-Ao Studios
Recording Studio: Wally Burr Recording
Remastering: Magno Sound and Video (20th Anniversary DVD)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Carlos Nogueras (Spain dub)
Executive producer:
Jorge Gabarró Frau (Selecta Visión)
Marcelo Testa (Plus Video)
Alejandro Abdalah as Megatron/Galvatron
Claudi García as Unicron (Spain dub)
Edgar Wald as Optimus Prime
Gloria Gonzalez as Arcee
Guillermo Romano as Unicron
Jorge Varela as
Galvatron (Spain dub)
Megatron (Spain dub)
Toni Mora as Hot Rod (Spain dub)

Alfonso Vallés as Kup (Spain dub)
Anna Orra as Daniel Witwicky (Spain dub)
Claudi García as Bumblebee (Spain dub)
Daniel Albiac as
Perceptor (Spain dub)
Starscream (Spain dub)
Wreck-Gar (Spain dub)
Hannibal Brown as Ultra Magnus
Pep Ribas as Springer (Spain dub)
Ricky Coello as Ultra Magnus (Spain dub)
Vicente Gil as Grimlock (Spain dub)
Victoria Ramos as Arcee (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Dubbing Studio: Takemaker (Spain dub)
DVD Distribution: Selecta Visión
Licensed by:
Plus Video (Argentina)
Selecta Visión (Spain)
TV Distribution: Selecta Visión
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Gigi Reder
Giancarlo Padoan as Optimus Prime (1^ edition)
Pierluigi Astore as
Convoy (Ultra Magnus; 2^ edition)
Optimus Prime (2^ edition)
Romano Malaspina as
Galvatron (2^ edition)
Megatron (2^ edition)

Alessia La Monica as Daniel Witwicky (2^ edition)
Elio Zamuto as Ultra Magnus (1^ edition)
Germano Basile as
Bora (Springer; 2^ edition)
Maggiolino (Bumblebee; 2^ edition)
Mario Bombardieri as Blitz (Kup; 2^ edition)
Massimiliano Alto as
Radiorobot (Blaster; 2^ edition)
Wreck-Gar (2^ edition)
Massimo Còrizza as Astrum (Starscream; 1^ edition)
Toni Orlandi as Soundwave

Christian Iansante as Folgore / Rodimus Prime (Hot Rod; 2^ edition)
Francesco Bulckaen as Falco (Ironhide; 1^ edition)
Francesco Pezzulli as Daniel Witwicky (1^ edition)
Gabriele Lopez as Shrapnel
Giuliano Santi as Spike Witwicky (1^ edition)
Mario Bombardieri as Falco (Ironhide; 2^ edition)
Oreste Baldini as Scrapper
Toni Orlandi as Kup (1^ edition)
Vittorio Guerrieri as Tigre (Jazz; 2^ edition)

Angelo Nicotra (1^ edition)
Barbara Castracane (1^ edition)
Gianluca Crisafi (2^ edition)
Italian companies
German staff
German cast
Crock Krumbiegel as Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime
Manfred Erdmann as
Thomas Rau as Optimus Prime
Werner Abrolat as Unicron

Bernd Simon as
Fritz von Hardenberg as Ultra Magnus
Ulf-Jürgen Wagner as Bumblebee

Ulrich Frank as Cliffjumper
German companies
Broadcaster: RTL
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Affonso Amajones as Hot Rod (Fox Kids dubbing)
Daoiz Cabezudo as Galvatron (Fox Kids dubbing)
Darcy Pedrosa as Líder Optimus
Felipe Di Nardo as Megatron (Fox Kids dubbing)
Garcia Neto as Unicron (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Hélio Ribeiro as Hot Rod (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Hélio Vaccari as Optimus Prime (Fox Kids dubbing)
José Santacruz as Megatron/Galvatron (In VHS dubbing he dub both, in Rede Globo dubbing only Megatron.)
Júlio César as Galvatron (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Júlio Chaves as Hot Rod (VHS Dubbing)
Orlando Drummond as Unicron (VHS Dubbing)

Alessandra Araújo as Arcee (Fox Kids dubbing)
Amaury Costa as Grimlock (VHS Dubbing)
Armando Tiraboschi as Kup (Fox Kids dubbing)
Carlos Marques as Wheelie (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Carlos Seidl as Perceptor (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Carmem Sheila as Arcee
Dario Lourenço as Soundwave (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Dário de Castro as Perceptor (VHS Dubbing)
Francisco José as Wreck-Gar
Gilberto Baroli as Soundwave (Fox Kids dubbing)
João Francisco Turelli as Bonecruscher (VHS Dubbing)
José Sant'anna as Starscream
Júlio César as Ultra Magnus
Luis Feyer as Blaster
Luiz Carlos de Moraes as Starscream (Fox Kids dubbing)
Luiz Feier Motta as Blaster
Magalhães Graça as Skourge
Marco Antônio as Blurr
Mario Jorge Andrade as Springer
Nelson Machado as Grimlock (Fox Kids dubbing)
Nizo Neto as Spike
Oberdan Junior as Daniel (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Orlando Prado as Wheelie (VHS Dubbing)
Paulo Flores as Grimlock (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Paulo Pinheiro as Bumblebee
Ricardo Sawaya as
Perceptor (Fox Kids dubbing)
Ultra Magnus (Fox Kids dubbing)
Ronaldo Magalhães as Soundwave (VHS Dubbing)
Selton Mello as Daniel (VHS Dubbing)
Ursula Bezerra as Wheelie (Fox Kids dubbing)

Amaury Costa as
Rumble (Rede Globo Dubbing)
André Filho as
Faces do Juiz Quintesson
Rumble (VHS Dubbing)
André Luís Chapéu as
Antonio Patino as Jazz
Dario Lourenço as Kickback
Eleu Salvador as Arblus (Fox Kids dubbing)
Fábio Tomasini as Guarda Quintesson (Fox Kids dubbing)
Fábio Vila Longa as Wreck Gar (Fox Kids dubbing)
Francisco Barbosa as Locução de apresentação
Garcia Neto as
Bonecrusher (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Cliffjumper (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Guarda Quintesson
Ionei Silva as Cliffjumper (VHS Dubbing)
João Francisco Turelli as um dos Sweeps
Jorge Pires as
Frenzy (Fox Kids dubbing)
Kickback (Fox Kids dubbing)
José Sant'anna as Astrotrain
Magalhães Graça as
Faces do Juiz Quintesson
Scrapper (VHS Dubbing)
Marcelo Pissardini as Springer (Fox Kids dubbing)
Márcio Simões as Swoop
Mário Vilela as Devastador (Fox Kids dubbing)
Newton Apollo as
Devastador (VHS Dubbing)
Paulo Flores as
Devastador (Rede Globo Dubbing)
Lider Quintesson
Roberto Macedo as Kranix
Ronaldo Artinic as
Astrotrain (Fox Kids dubbing)
Jazz (Fox Kids dubbing)
Scrapper (Fox Kids dubbing)
Ronaldo Magalhães as
Faces do Juiz Quintesson
Sérgio Moreno as Blurr (Fox Kids dubbing)
Sílvio Navas as Narração introdutória
Valter Santos as
Narrador (Fox Kids dubbing)
Spike (Fox Kids dubbing)
Wellington Lima as
Bonecruscher (Fox Kids dubbing)
Cliffjumper (Fox Kids dubbing)
Portuguese companies
Fox Kids (aired with unknown studio voice acting)
Rede Globo
Dubbing Studio: Herbert Richers (dubbing VHS and Rede Globo)

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