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Words from a Mixx Supporter (Kathy Isham)

I think that the big thing that started it was the smile controversy. People felt they were being jipped by Moving Sailor Moon to smile and thus having to buy two magazines. I personally do not feel this way- I personally believe that it was a way to seperate Genres. Andrew Yi had informed me that there was talk of adding "Kaitou Saint Tail" in the future (although he had not said there was any sort of decision- only that there was talk of it.) Ron entered on the scene shortly after, spreading various rumours about Stu that may or may not be true. At this point, people pretty much split up into their own way. Keegan was one of the people that was, to my current knowlege, the most closely in contact with Ron, although this knowlege may not be true.

The webboard was pretty hostile from the begining, though- Whole disucssions were against people at times. "Arshes Nei" stood in support Mixxzine until the end, where she mostly seemed to me to be angry at Stu (although, again, this knowlege is not definete.) Stu eventually sent a message explaining things but some people felt that their questions were unanswered and it only furthered the turmoil and anger that the Webboard was already Swarming with. Personal insults were aimed at employees (in my eyes) which offended, understandbly, Andrew Yi the Intern. (Who I was friendly with.)

Eventually the webboard, in my opinion, got way out of hand and Andrew Yi decided that enough was enough and canceled it. To my current knowlege, Stu was not involved in his decision, but I could be wrong about this knowlege.

Personally, I'm glad that the whole thing ended and I stand in support of Andrew's decision. The webboard caused way too much stress and grief for me, and I think I live a lot easier now that it's all over and I can just go on with my life. I think that people should at least give Stu another chance, and if they feel that he still doesn't "clean up his act" then I would understand maybe. But I think that people also have to remember that Stu is new to this and probably doing his best. I don't think that getting angry is going to help the situation- And I'm not giving an opinion one way or another that what Stu is doing is right or wrong, because I want to avoid flames as much as possible. Anyway, that's basically what happened.

Letter from Bandai

I received your mail inquiring the status of the rights is US to Kenji no Haru. As far as I reserched, the studio, "Group Tac" is under negotiation to license the program in world wide territory with Mixx Entertainment. Mixx entertainment made up the English dubb version for the studio, for screening by Japanese govermental organization in America. I am not sure when or how they will reach to agreement.
I hope this information will help you.


Note from a Comic Store Owner

I manage a comic book store in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm on good terms with the other major stores in town and visit comic stores in other states several times a year, as well as keeping up with trade publications such as Comics Retailer, CBG and Diamond Dialog. I have never heard of or seen a comic store that does not sell graphic novels. Indeed, stores want more graphic novels printed, as they have a long shelf life and can easily be re-ordered.

On the general subject of Mixxzine, I must admit I am completely baffled by your marketing an operational strategies.

Having the rights to both the Sailor Moon and Rayearth manga should be as good as a license to print money, both for you and retailers. But this is not the case. From day one, Mixxzine has been a hard sell. The covers are almost always muddy and give little indication to the 'zines content. ONE cover (1-3) had a clear, color picture of Sailor Moon. Most of the time you run some awful, confusing collage. Second, I can't sell Mixxzine to younger readers in good conscience due to the presence of the violent Parasyte.

A shojo manga magazine with Sailor Moon and Rayearth would have done wonders for business. Yet you deny us this product. Your new magazine, Smile "is a magazine for the digital teenage girl, it is not mainly a manga magazine."

So Sailor Moon is running in "not mainly a manga magazine" and it its own comic. That sort of product confusion will hurt Smile sales at comic stores, since to many people, Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon. And girls have less of a reason to buy Mixx, since Rayearth is the only girls feature remaining.

As to Mixxzine's new 2 page per page format, it is strange, and customers don't like strange new things. Frankly, I'm going to cut Mixxzine orders in favor of Animerica Extra, which is a better assembled and presented product.

Your squabbles with fans are of no importance to me as a retailer. Your continued poor-quality and hard-to-sell products are.

David Crowe, manager, Planet Comics AZ

Words from a Convention Worker

My name is Daniel Harrison and, I am the current Operations Officer of "Baka!-Con 99" located up here in Washington State. For those of you that don't know, we are a new Con and, having had our first successful Con last year, we are getting ready "Baka! 99" which is April 23-25th. The reason I am writing this letter is, like you all, I have been reading the situation which is currently going on with Mixx. Since I have met both of the two men in question, I felt I could add a rather unique perspective on their personalities.

First off, Stu Levy and Ron Scovil were both invited as our guests from Mixx for "Baka!-Con" last year. When I first met Stuart Levy, I had the personal impression that, although friendly, he felt put upon as if he didn't really want to be there. This was confirmed to me from my point of view when he suddenly said he could not stay when he had committed as a guest. This was taken as a bad sign by some Con staff but, we weren't hurt by it because, Ron Scovil DID stay and he represented Mixx very well. It was however a great disappointment to us.

During the Con, I was currently working in Guest Relations and, I had the chance to speak to Mr. Scovil on several occasions on his views regarding the anime industry and how he felt about the fans. He was personable, friendly,knowledgeable, and did not brush anyone off or act as if he did not wish to be there.

One night I recall, I was in Con Op's and Mr. Scovil wandered in. He and I started talking and, this led to an indepth discussion about the commercial anime industry in which I was able to learn a lot about companies obtaining rights and acquisitions and why it was important for fans to support the commercial companies if they wanted anime to survive here in the western half of the world. This conversation lasted over four hours and, it would have continued except, both of us needed sleep! :)

The fact Mr. Scovil took the time to not only speak to me at this length about his industry but many others impressed me greatly. He also did not try to dodge any questions which I asked..which convinced me of his honesty.

I will not say anything against Mr.Levy. However, if he had stayed at "Baka!-Con" as he had agreed, I might have gotten a better chance to know the man. Since he did not and Ron did, I know Mr. Scovil's character much better. That being the case, I personally am more inclined to believe Mr.Scovil as, I know him to be an honest person. Bear in mind there may be things from Mr.Levy's side of this current argument which I haven't you all must form your own opinions.

My opinions and comments in this letter do not reflect the opinions of "Baka!-Con 99" staff...merely my own. So, anyone that has a problem with them can contact me directly if they wish and discuss it further.

Daniel Harrison
Operations Officer, "Baka!-Con 99"

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