Meet the NEW Fushigi Yuugi Seishi!

by Lee Zion,
As any FY fan knows, we aren't introduced to ALL the seishi in the Four Gods Sky and Earth. Which is a shame, because there are a lot of warriors with exotic magical powers out there. So, as a public service, I present 10 Fushigi Yuugi seishi you never got a chance to meet, and their powers....

Taiison: Likes the taste of human flesh. Known to have bitten the ear off one opponent in battle.

Clintono: Uses his chi to charm and seduce young girls, thus destroying their powers as Miko. Then covers his tracks by getting them to deny it ever happened.

Maikojakuson: Master of disguises. Skin color changes from black to white; facial structure changes from male to female. Sets fire to hair and lives with small boys and furry animals.

Lindatrippu: False shamaness. Promises peace of mind to get victims to confide in her, then uses a clam shell to record and play back their thoughts.

Jerispuringu: Uses his chi to set brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. Then, as a crowd gathers to watch the inevitable fighting, recharges his chi by sucking the intelligence out of the audience.

Alomaru: Subdues his enemies by spitting on them.

Paparazi: Kills by relentlessly chasing after victims until they expire. One of the most prominent victims is a princess of the realm.

Saddamu: Master of hidden weapons.

Kenstarru: Like Plactu from Visions of Escaflowne, this seishi can coax the truth out of the most recalcitrant of subjects. But he may inject his own version of the truth instead. Bitter enemy of Clintono.

Shinaidoconna: Attempts to "fight the real enemy" through voodoo, i.e., ripping up icons bearing the victim's likeness. This attack backfires and destroys her instead.

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