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Character Bio

Ryoko Mitsurugi

Occupation: K-Fight Champion, Student

Ryoko's an energetic red-head from Daimon High. At the moment, she's the reigning K-Fight Champion, with over 20 consecutive victories.

She attained the position of K-Fight champion by dethroning Shizuma Kusanagi, and has since become an object of attention. Ryoko doesn't appreciate all the fame K-Fighting has earned her, yet personal honor is very important to her, and she accepts any legitimate challenge.

She lives with her Aunt Madoka, whom she is forced to refer to as "Big Sis". Her rival is Azumi Kiribayashi, who is skilled in the spear-like Naganata. Although she detests it, she is forced to call Azumi "senpai" — "Upperclassman".

Her hobbies include watching (and occasionally re-enacting) historical samurai dramas. And, although she is unaware of it, her cooking skills are less than superb.

Thanks to a magical pendant she found, Ryoko can be summoned by Reiha to fight Demon Beasts in a strange other-world. Reiha calls her the "Demon Lord of Yen-En", although Ryoko has no idea where this title came from.

Japanese Voice: Kimura Ikue
English Voice: Wendee Lee

Shizuma Kusanagi

Occupation: Former K-Fight Champion, Street Fighter

Fighting Style: Bare-handed Street Fighting
Special Moves: Honou no Tora


Until Ryoko came along, Shizuma was the K-Fight Champion of Daimon High. After his loss he left, seeking to sharpen his skills. One old beggar he ran across, named Ryugen Higashitaka, taught him the power to concentrate his Ki into a raging fireball.

He wants to challenge Ryoko to a re-match, but other people keep getting in the way, Keiichiro Nagumo chief amongst them. Shizuma, too, can travel to the other-world, where he has been dubiously titled the "Demon Lord of Panda".

Japanese Voice: Seki Tomokazu
English Voice: Michelle Ruff

Azumi Kiribayashi

Occupation: Senpai, Flower Arrangement Club President

Fighting Style: Kiribayashi-style Naganata
Special Moves: None


Azumi, President of the Flower Arrangement Club, is a close match for Ryoko in fighting skill. Azumi is trained in using the Naganata, a classical spear-like weapon with an incredible range. Although she is older than Ryoko, she is less experienced in actual fighting, but her training makes up for that. Additionally, one of her tactics is to always smile. By doing so, she unnerves her opponents, letting her easily win.

Her attention is focused on "Lord" Tatsuya Shishikura, whom she thinks Ryoko is trying to keep all to herself. Although she and Ryoko constantly quarrel, she is supportive of Ryoko, and sees great potential in her.

Japanese Voice: Yukino Satsuki
English Voice: Serena Kolb

Tessai Onizuka

Occupation: Master Swordsman, Shrine Priest

Fighting Style: Kendo, Traditional Katana
Special Moves: None


Due to his age and responsabilites, Tessai is no longer interested in combat. He is content to be the priest of Hiten Shrine, raising his granddaughter Miyuki.

Trained in the classical art of kenjutsu, Tessai is still a powerful fighter, easily able to overpower anyone who threatens him or his daughter. He is aware of Keiichiro Nagumo, and seems to have some connection with him. However, Tessai turns away anyone looking for him, through words or force, as necessary.

Because of his duties, however, he no longer takes apprentices. Still, Ryoko is determined to learn from him...

Japanese Voice: Fujimoto Yuzuru
English Voice: Anthony Mazdy

Keiichiro Nagumo

Occupation: Strongest Man On Earth
Fighting Style: Bare-handed, every known style of Martial Arts
Special Moves: Shinniken


Keiichiro Nagumo was the first K-Fight champion. After consolidating his victory, he left Daimon High in search of more powerful opponents. He has recently re-appeared at Daimon, seeking to challenge the most powerful K-Fighters around. He has beaten every other powerful fighter on the planet, including the beggar who taught Shizuma how to harness his Ki.

Keiichiro also has a powerful move, stronger than Shizuma Kusanagi's Honou no Tora, called the Shinniken. He's said to be residing around the Hiten Shrine, although Head Priest Tessai denies it.

He's extremely powerful and has little sympathy for those who oppose him. For some reason, he is protective of Miyuki Onizuka, and will protect her by any means necessary.

Aside from Shizuma, Mian Cubie and Willard Gates are interested in Keiichiro, for reasons unknown.

Japanese Voice: Juurouta Kusugi
English Voice: James Lyon

Hitomi Yūki

Occupation: Sidekick
Special Skills: Cooking


Although she's a little scatterbrained at times, Hitomi is intelligent and trustworthy. No wonder, then, that she's Ryoko's best friend. She's aware of both Ryoko's strengths and weaknesses (including cooking) but carefully dodges any embarassment through polite words.

Suprising as it may seem, she doesn't fight at all. Instead, she supports everything Ryoko does, from K-Fighting to Birthday parties.

Japanese Voice: Nasu Megumi
English Voice: Michelle Ruff

Daisaku Kamiya

Occupation: Groupie, Photographer
Special Skills: Camera


Daisaku is Ryoko's #1 "groupie". Although Ryoko doesn't appreciate his obsessive nature, he's quite skilled in getting all sorts of pictures of her.

Aside from his racket on pictures of Ryoko, he's another close friend, willing to support her no matter what she does.

Even so, he and Principal Takao work on keeping the K-Fights as exciting as possible, and he initiates new students into the fold of Ryoko-worship. Daisaku's certainly a busy fanboy!

Japanese Voice: Miyata Kouki
English Voice: Joshua Seth

Takao Todo

Occupation: Principal
Special Skills: Body-Building


Principal Todo settles debates the old fashioned way — by fighting. As K-Fight commentator, Todo has the best seat in the school to view these battles. Of course, he also enjoys his position and strives to keep the fights as interesting as possible.

His latest plan: 100 times the normal funding for any club that can topple the current K-Fight Champion, Ryoko!

Japanese Voice: Ishizuka Unshou
English Voice: John Smallberries

Nanako Hishinuma

Occupation: Nurse
Special Skills: Healing


Nurse Hishinuma loves her job... perhaps a bit too much. She readily tends to the wounds of the injured as the school's nurse, but she takes a particularly strong interest in those who have large muscles.

But whether it's food poisoning or fractured bones, Nurse Hishinuma can fix it!

Japanese Voice: Sumitomo Yuuko
English Voice: Tina Dixon

Tamaki Nakamura

Occupation: K-Fight Announcer
Special Skills: Can officially declare a K-Fight


A junior in the Daimon High School broadcasting club, Tamaki is the official K-Fight announcer and play by play comentator. While principal Takao presents the more "insightful" expert commentary. She regulary repeats her explaination of "Whats a K-Fight?" and is always accompanied by her two sidekicks, Aya and Kaya.

Japanese Voice: Yoshida Sayuri
English Voice: Julie Maddalena

Aya and Maya Jinguji

Occupation: K-Fight Cheerleaders
Special Skills: Cheerleading, Cos-play


Aya and Maya are the K-Fight cheerleaders and can always be found with Nakamura. They regularly cos-play as female fighters from other Anime but basically do nothing else.

Japanese Voices: Kazumi Yokota, Ryoko Kurumadome

"Lord" Tatsuya Shishikura

Occupation: Kendo Trainer

Fighting Style: Boken
Special Moves: Unknown


Drooled over by Azumi and Ryoko, Shishikura is the president of teh Kendo club and a skilled Kendo teacher. In pure Kendo he is slightely better than Ryoko, but she is catching up to him. We'll never know his true strength with any certainty, as he avoids K-Fighting.

Japanese Voice: Chiba Susumu
English Voice: Rafael Antonio Oliver

Misao Aoki

Occupation: Teacher
Special Skills: None

Clueless, and short.. but when liquored up, her personality shifts drastically, and she becomes violent and foul-tempered!

Japanese Voice: Saebara Hane
English Voice: Roberta Kim

"Aunt" Madoka Mitsurugi

Occupation: Caretaker
Age: Old
Special Skills: None


Madoka is Ryoko's aunt and roomate. Despite being her aunt, Madoka does not want to be seen as old and demands to be called "Big Sis" by Ryoko. Madoka and Ryoko share household chores.

Japanese Voice: Tsuru Hiromi
English Voice: Debra Cunningham

Miyuki Onizuka

Occupation: Shrine Priestess
Age: 14
Special Skills: Unknown


Miyuki was born 14 years ago, the same day as the Bamboo Flowers bloomed. Shortly thereafter, Miyuki's mother died in a plane accident. Miyuki believes the Bamboo flower blooms were a sign of impending disaster, and is very withdrawn.

Although she rarely speaks, Miyuki is obviously an intelligent young girl.

The Bamboo Flower blooms again, on her 14th birthday, a mysterious connection that draws her into the story.

Japanese Voice: Nogawa Sakura
English Voice: Reba West


Occupation: "Alien Girl"
Special Skills: Can Summon Ryoko at will

Notes: Not much is known about this pale-haired mystery girl, except that she can summon Ryoko to fight to protect her land, which appears to be a mirror of the real world.

She gives advice to Ryoko as she battles, but never seems to get directly involved fighting Demon Beasts herself.

Japanese Voice: Yuzuki Rouka
English Voice: Stevie Bloch

Mian Cubie

Occupation: Unknown
Special Skills: Unknown

Notes: Not much is known about Mian, except that she works with Willard Gates, and has an inexhaustable army of thugs willing to do her bidding.

Japanese Voice: Oda Kazuho
English Voice: Melissa Williamson

Willard Gates

Occupation: Unknown
Special Skills: Unknown

Notes: Gates is in charge of Mian Cubie. They both share an interest in Keiichiro Nagumo and Miyuki Onizuka, but their motivations are unknown.

Japanese Voice: Nomura Kenji
English Voice: Ron Allen

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