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Episode 1 : Samurai Girl Appears

Ryoko Mitsurugi is a high school student who also studies Kendo (or the Way of the Sword) - and the current K-Fight champion. What's a K-Fight? The answer is one of the highlights of the episode, but in short, a K-Fight is sacntioned free style fight between students at Daimon High School. Everything at Daimon High seems to revolve around the K-Fights. In this episode Ryoko is suddenly and unexpectedly transported to a mysterious alternate universe where she must fight a supernatural opponent.

Original Japanese Air Date: 7/30/2001
Original Japanese Title: Samurai Girl kenzan !

Episode 2 : The Strongest Man on Earth Joins the Fight!

In the strange and puzzling new land, Ryoko battles a monster - then, back on earth, she must face a new pretender to her throne. First she is challenged to a fight by a hated rival, then to make matters worse her fight is interupted by a much more fearsom opponent. And he knows about her otherwordly fight!

Original Japanese Air Date: 6/8/2001
Original Japanese Title: Chijo saikyo no otoko sansen !

Episode 3 : Enter the Way of the Swordsman

Suggesting that Ryoko needs to learn more about the true way of the sword than what Kendo offers, Azumi takes her to the Hiten Shrine where she meets Tessai Onizuka. Ryoko is in awe of Onizuka's skill with the sword and sets out to be his pupil.

Original Japanese Air Date: 13/8/2001
Original Japanese Title: Ken no michi Nyumon !

Episode 4 : The Girl with Deep Black Eyes

While throwing what she thinks is an innocent birthday party for Miyuki, Ryoko is again transported and must fight yet another grisly beast. But this time she isn't alone in her battle.

Original Japanese Air Date: 20/8/2001
Original Japanese Title: Shinen naru shojo no hitomi

Episode 5 : Attack of the Raging Wind!

Ryoko gets suckered into appearing in a show to promote a restaurant. The show, however, doesn't showcase Ryoko's swordskill. Instead, she's called on to perform the part of a Magical Girl! Aided by words scrawled on her magic wand, Ryoko comes to the aid of the restaurant. Later, she gets drawn into a battle between Shizuma and a group of 3 warriors.

Original Japanese Air Date: 27/8/2001
Original Japanese Title: Kyoshu! Magatsukaze

Episode 6 : Threat from Another World

Battling an almost insurmountable number of fierce monsters, Ryoko and friends have to consider falling back. However, Ryoko can't leave the other-world until all of the monsters are dead.. and while she and her friends battle bravely, the overwhelming odds slowly drive them back...

Original Japanese Air Date: 3/9/2001
Original Japanese Title: Isekai yori no kyoi

Episode 7 : Rematch! Battle at Lunch Time

Tatsuya's hungry, and both Ryoko and Azumi want to deliver their home-cooked meals to him. Unable to decide who should be allowed to share their bento with Tatsuya, a K-Fight is called.

Unlike previous K-Fights, however, this time K stands for... Kitchen! From running commentary, to classical background music, this K-Fight is Iron Chef, Real Bout-style.

When time draws to a close, and the judges are about to sample the food, Shizuma breaks in, steals the food, and chows down. After scarfing down both meals, Shizuma comes down with a strange illness. Could it be related to someone's bad cooking?

With a quick rule-change, Ryoko and Azumi get more bento prepared, and dash off seeking Tatsuya. After dashing around campus, inadvertantly switching lunches, and then trading them back to one another, Ryoko and Azumi finally locate Tatsuya, who promptly eats both.

Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

Original Japanese Air Date: 10/9/2001
Original Japanese Title: Saisen! Ohiru no ketto

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