Degrees of Separation - Kissing Cousins?

by Justin Porter,
When you're unfamiliar to the Tenchi franchise, there are a lot of links between characters that can seem to make little to no sense. In fact, it's almost a tradition for new viewers to say "Wait a minute, they're related?" It's probably worthwhile to mention that Masaki Kajishima - the series creator - was a tremendous Star Wars fan, and we all recall how jarring Luke and Leia were.

If you're looking for a full, complete, and ridiculously detailed Jurai family tree, hop on over and check out our relationship map. Of course, here's a quick preview at just how messy things can be...

We'll start with the basics - clearly defined relatives.

Katsuhiro Masaki aka Grandpa
- son of Azusa
- son of Funaho
- stepson of Misaki
- father-in-law of Noboyuki Masaki
- grandfather of Tenchi Masaki
- half-brother of Ayeka Jurai
- half-brother of Sasami Jurai/Tsunami

Washu Hakubi
- mother of Ryoko
- mother of Ryo-Ohki
- sister of Tsunami
- sister of Tokimi

Simple, right?

Now, here's where we take this basic list and have fun with it, because when you see the relationships formed by these, it gets a little interesting.

As Ayeka and Sasami are Tenchi's grandfather's half sisters, that makes them his great aunts.

Now, as Sasami is the mortal form of the Goddess Tsunami, this makes her the sister of Washu. Sasami, ergo, is Ryoko's aunt, as is Ayeka.

And if Ayeka is Tenchi's aunt, And Ayeka is Ryoko's aunt.........

Tenchi and Ryoko are in fact cousins.

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