Ultimate Tenchi Muyo Family Tree

by Matt Griffiths,
It happens every time. After hours of scowling, head-pounding, and staring at the TV, you finally figure out how all the Tenchi characters are related to each other. Then they add more characters. If only there was a convenient map to look at... something that plotted out all the characters from all of the Tenchi shows and told you exactly who was related to who.

Lucky for us, we found ourselves a Tenchi expert who knows the Jurai family tree almost better than his own. That man is Matt Griffiths, the number one go-to guy for anything and everything Tenchi. Author of the insanely detailed fansite, Tenchi Muyo! Another Universe, he was kind enough to let us use his amazingly complex family tree.

Now you won't have an excuse to be confused anymore.

Click for the full-size image.

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