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Summer 2011 Showcase
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi

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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi

Fridays at 12:00pm EDT on Crunchyroll starting July 15th 2011


Fujimi Fantasia Bunko's popular light novel is the original work for this battle-fantasy that tells of the love between the girl called "The Most Ancient of Sorceresses (Vampire)" and the young man bound to her through misfortune.

Fans were drawn to the portrayal of the love that develops between the two characters, along with the battles full of sorcery and special powers, and the series has nine volumes in print, and has also been adapted into a comic. The director for this project is Takashi Yamamoto, of "Jewelpet Tinkle" and "Nanatsuiro Drops" fame. Series composition is provided by Shigeru Morita, who also was responsible for the scripts for "Is This A Zombie?" and "The Qwaser of Stigmata," while the video has been given life by ZEXCS, who were also involved with "DEUS MACHINA DEMON BANE" and "CHROME SHELLED REGIOS."


Taito Kurogane is in his first year at Miyasaka High School. Average at everything, he believes he is nothing special - ordinary. However, he has been anything but that for quite some time - because of a pact he made nine years ago when he met Saitohimea, a non-human girl and the “Most Ancient of Sorceresses (Vampire)."

Meanwhile, Saitohimea herself has been imprisoned by the governing body of a parallel universe for a mind-boggling 78,840 hours. While Taito had forgotten all about Saitohimea in his descent into "normality," the conspiracies surrounding her had continued to bubble.

Who had taken his memories? And why?
Taito's normal world is interrupted when something happens to revive his memory.
"7 times in 15 minutes."

That's when he remembers his pact with Saitohimea.
And that's when his ordinary life starts to become considerably warped…

Seeking to uphold his end of a pact more serious than death, Taito finds himself walking toward a battle beyond imagination!


Taito Kurogane
VA: Shinnosuke Tachibana
A first-year student at Miyasaka High School. He believes he is ordinary, but he made a pact nine years ago with Saitohimea, and has limited immortality, in the sense that he cannot die unless killed 7 times within 15 minutes.
Something happens to reunite him with Saitohimea, and he is caught up in the grand battle that surrounds her.
VA: Megumi Takamoto
A non-human being with incredible magical powers. Also known as "The Most Ancient of Sorceresses (Vampire)."
She has unrivalled beauty. She loves Taito from the bottom of her heart. Anything else to her is of no consequence. Someone incarcerated her 9 years ago, but she suddenly appears before Taito, apparently with a secret even she doesn't know!
Gekkou Kurenai
VA: Yuichi Nakamura
President of the student council at Miyasaka High School. Although only a first-year student, he drove out the previous student council president and took the position himself.
A self-proclaimed genius - but one with the ability to live up to his moniker.
He excels at his studies and is good at sport, making him popular with the female students, but he shows no interest in them whatsoever.
He lives for only one goal - to kill his younger twin brother Hinata, who tried to feed him to a demon nine years ago. He has superior magical ability, and a black sword known as Spell Error, which has no edge and has been forged only for thrusting.
Mirai Andou
VA: Iori Nomizu
The demon who targeted Gekkou at Hinata's behest. However, in a turning of the tables, she was forced to enter into a pact with Gekkou. She now attends Miyasaka High School as the human, Mirai Andou.
She has an innocent and cheerful personality.
Most of her powers have been sealed away by Gekkou, with the seal only able to be broken by his kiss. When the seal is broken, she shows her true form as a lightning demon.
Hinata Kurenai
VA: Jun Fukuyama
The younger twin brother of Gekkou Kurenai. He disappeared nine years ago after killing his parents, leaving behind only a proclamation that he would feed Gekkou to a demon. It is apparently he who has kept Saitohimea imprisoned for 9 years. Seemingly he has both the brains and the magic to keep Gekkou at bay, or does he?


Taito Kurogane
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Megumi Takamoto
Gekkou Kurenai
Yuichi Nakamura
Mirai Andou
Iori Nomizu
Hinata Kurenai
Jun Fukuyama
Haruka Shigure
Izumi Omi
Chika Horikawa
Saeko Suga
Aya Gouda


Original Story
Takaya Kagami
Original Character Illustration
Yuu Kamiya
Takashi Yamamoto
Series Composition
Shigeru Morita
Character Design
Satoshi Isono
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