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Summer 2011 Showcase


Premieres July 9th


In print since July of 2007, "R-15" is the debut series from Hiroyuki Fushimi that won the Encouragement Prize at The Sneaker Awards for novels sponsored by Kadokawa Shoten's Sneaker Collection light novel series.
The popular series is set at a high school, and saw its 7th volume go on sale in April of 2011. The hero Taketo finds himself surrounded by a veritable harem of attractive heroines, including a clarinet prodigy (with a natural Lolita complex!), a vocal virtuoso and school idol (the good girl who's just a wee bit naughty!), a caustic yet lovestruck photographic genius!

All of the characters reveal more of their charms in each story on their journey of growth as they overcome the challenges faced by high school students!


Taketo Akutagawa is a high school student, but also a genius author of erotica with a serial in a newspaper. His ability finds him accepted into an exclusive private school that takes only students with ‘special’ talents (natural geniuses?)! From the clarinet to mathematics and hacking, Taketo is surrounded by overwhelming genius on all sides, and his erotic imagination knows no bounds, which leads to some risque naughtiness, but perhaps also to love…


Taketo Akutagawa
VA: Aya Gōda
The hero - a genius author of erotica.
He has a serial in a newspaper under a pen-name.
He is unlucky with women, and maybe is also a bit of a submissive type?
Fukune Narukara
VA: Yurina Fukuhara
A genius clarinetist with a pure heart.
She looks like she should be in elementary school, and is never without her clarinet, which she practices everyday.
Utae Sonokoe
VA: Nanami Kashiyama
A genius vocalist. Bright and sociable, she is the school's "idol."
She is an avid reader of Taketo's pornographic stories.
Raika Meiki
VA: Mana Komatsu
A photographic genius. She lives to capture moments others would rather forget on film.
She follows Taketo around to take advantage of his fantastic potential in that regard.
Ran Musen
VA: Kayoko Tsumita
A genius programmer. She's a young lady who loves girl-on girl erotica.
She has a fan club of "younger sisters" who she makes call her "Elder Sister."
Ritsu Enshu
VA: Madoka Murakami
A genius mathematician. Taketo's friend who sees the good in him. But then something happens that makes her feelings toward him change into something else…


Taketo Akutagawa
Aya Gōda
Fukune Narukara
Yurina Fukuhara
Utae Sonokoe
Nanami Kashiyama
Raika Meiki
Mana Komatsu
Ran Musen
Kayoko Tsumita
Ritsu Enshu
Madoka Murakami
Katsuyo Kurabu
Risako Murai
Tsukuru Kagaku
Midori Tusukimiya


Original Story
Hiroyuki Fushimi
Original Character Design
Takuya Fujima
Munenori Nawa
Series Composition
Sumio Uetake
Animation Character Design
Mariko Fujita
Animation Production

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