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Summer 2011 Showcase
Twin Angel


In 2006 the Twin Angel girls Haruka and Aoi were created as slot machine characters - back then cute slot machine characters were not all that popular, but in no time the girls became popular with both slot machine fans and anime fans alike, redefining the genre of 'moe slot machines'.

In 2009 a slot machine known as "Twin Angel 2" was released which introduced a new girl to the series named Kurumi. It also created some opposition for the girls by adding the powerful Black Trader as well as a rival for the girls known as Twin Phantom. The slot machine created more fans of the series, both for it's characters and storyline. An OVA "Twin Angel" was released on in 2008.

And now 2011…
The Twin Angel are set to become a full TV anime production!


Haruka Minazuki and Aoi Kannazuki are two students at St.Cherine academy. Haruka is always filled with bubbly energy while Aoi is more mature and a top student in all her classes - but despite their differences the two are the best of friends.
The two girls look like any other girls attending the academy, but the truth is they are hiding a little secret that they can't let anybody know about...

During the day they really are just students at St.Cherine academy, but they become the 'Twin Angel', and fight against the evils of the town!

The lovely Angels are back, and it's time for them to get ready for some action!


Haruka Minazuki
VA: Yukari Tamura
Haruka is a student at St. Cherine Academy, but is also one of the Twin Angel - the 'Red Angel'. She has a bubbly personality, excels at sports and is even part of the swimming team at the academy... but she can also be a little bit careless from time to time. In battle her favorite moves always include kicks, including her best attack which is called the 'Angel Tornado'.
Aoi Kannazuki
VA: Mamiko Noto
Aoi is a student at St. Cherine Academy, and is also secretly one of the Twin Angel - the 'Blue Angel'. She has a very relaxed personality and excels at all of her subjects at school, although she can also be a little unpredictable at times. She is part of the archery team at the academy, but she isn't good at any other sports. In battle she puts her archery training to the test, with her strongest move being the powerful 'Angel Arrow'.
Kurumi Hazuki
VA: Rie Kugimiya
Kurumi is a young genius that transferred from her St. Bernardi elementary course in Italy straight into St. Cherine academy, completely skipping some grades due to her incredible intelligence. She seems to know about Haruka and Aoi's secret, and quickly tries to get close to them.
One of her own inventions allows her to change into the White Angel, and she uses bombs as a weapon. She has an obviously Tsundere personality.
VA: Yui Horie
Tesla is a charming lady with a wonderful smile. She always takes good care of her twin sister, Nine. One of the mysterious Twin Phantom, she is a formidable foe with the ability to manipulate electricity.
VA: Ryouka Yuzuki
Nine is Tesla's twin sister and always works together with her sister.
She hardly ever speaks and has a soft side for animals.
She has the reputation of being a competent fighter.
VA: Ryouko Shintani
A mercenary employed by the evil 'Black Foundation' organization.
She likes goth-loli fashion.
VA: Masaya Onosaka
Alexander works under Salome and absolutely adores her, following her around wherever she goes. Unfortunately for him, she just seems to ignore him constantly.


Haruka Minazuki
Yukari Tamura
Aoi Kannazuki
Mamiko Noto
Kurumi Hazuki
Rie Kugimiya
Yui Horie
Ryouka Yuzuki
Ryouko Shintani
Masaya Onosaka


Original Work
Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Series Composition
Michiko Itou
Character Design / Animation Director
Ryouichi Ooki
Animation Studio

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