Top 10 Anime News Network Interest Articles of 2011

by Christopher Macdonald,

Anime News Network launched the Interest feed in mid 2010. It was one of the principle aspects to a much larger project that has since been canned (although many of the ideas for that project are still happening on their own). The Interest feed has allowed us to post a lot of articles we didn't previously post, this includes things like news that is slightly off-topic but still of interest to our readers, entertaining/amusing/interesting stories, images and videos that are in no-way actually newsworthy, and topical articles that are not driven by current events.

Despite this, the one biggest challenge with we've had with the Interest feed is the fact that some people don't understand it, and constantly ask us why we deemed an Interest article as "newsworthy" (the answer: we didn't, that's why it was posted as an interest feed).

But since the Interest feed is hugely popular, it seems that most of you do in fact "get it."

Here are the ten most read interest-feed articles of 2011

  1. List of Winter 2011 TV Anime in Japan
  2. List of Summer Season 2011 TV Anime in Japan
  3. MythBusters' Adam Savage Cosplays as Spirited Away's No-Face
  4. Fan Gets 3D Poké Ball Tattoos/Subdermal Implants
  5. Tokyo Head: Tsunami is 'Divine Punishment'—Haruhi's Yamakan Responds
  6. Madhouse's X-Men Anime Designs, Cast Revealed
  7. Relief Funds for March 11 Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan
  8. New Futurama Episode with Anime-Inspired Sequence Previewed
  9. Noizi Ito Draws Haruhi Suzumiya Praying for Japan
  10. 2011 Hunter x Hunter Anime to Retell Story From Start

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